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Marquisate of Slovenia Almanac

Stefano Palmieri

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Military of Slovenia:

Total Troops: 104600

Total Tanks: 720

Breakup:(name: Men, Tanks)

Italian Brigade: 15600, 100

Slovenian Brigade:34000, 220

Bosnian Brigade:15000, 100

Croatian Brigade:20000, 100

Slovene Expiditionary Force:10000, 100

Royal Brigade: 10000, 100

Main weapons: AK52, M60, Sabers for Special ops.

Tank: T-55



Total Planes:140 planes, 10 planes per Squadron.

Italian Wing:

6th Squadron Bombers aka "The Bomb Squad"

2nd Squadron Attackers aka "Devils of the Sky"

Slovenian Wing:

1st Squadron Bombers aka "Burn 'em All Lot"

3rd Squadron Attackers aka "The Royal Purge"

13th Squadron Bombers aka "The City Levelers"

14th Squadron Attackers aka "The Son Killers"

Bosnian Wing:

4th Squadron Bombers aka "The Desert Killers"

5th Squadron Attackers aka "Allahs Scourge"

Croation Wing:

10th Squadron Bombers aka "The Marquis' Own"

7th Squadron Attackers aka "Reginald's Hounds"

Slovenian Expeditionary Wing:

8th Squadron Bombers aka "The Early Birds"

9th Squadron Attackers aka "The Sky Pirates"

Royal Wing:

14th Squadron Bombers aka "The Monarchs Eyes"

11th Squadron Attackers aka "The Slovene Air Vampires"

Bombing Aircraft:

Tupolev Tu-16


Attack Aircraft:

Dassault Mirage III


The Slovene Air force also has 5 AĆ©rospatiale Alouette IIs (aka Helicopters)


and 15 Antonov An-12s


Slovenian Navy:

The Slovene Navy has a small fleet of 10 Frigates to protect its water ways.


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