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Olympian TV News.

Vasili Markov

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Word has spread of the Markov tribe's new technology and they are rapidly gaining influence with the outlying regions of the tribal range of the mythran people.

A delegation of chiefs has made its way to Olympia to pay homage and join the federation.

The tribes of Lili , Rast, Mestae & Goodhunt have joined. (Rockhampton, Mackay, Roma & Longreach)

In other developments the Chief Markov has recognised that other people do not have a language as evolved as ours and has set up the Linguistics Institute to study the strange languages of these foreigners and to teach them to anyone who wishes to learn.

The Vampire alert in the southern towns has been reduced to guarded from high alert and a delegation of medical scientists has been sent to investigate their unusual feeding habits. They are hopeful that we can introduce them to donor blood and eliminate the need for further upsets that cause refugees run to us for safety. Initial studies have revealed that the mythran blood groups lack a key protein that these people need to gain sustenance and that is good news.

The great hunt for the autumn is already being planned and it promises to be a greater success than previous great hunts because of the new weapons we have developed. The attendance this year for the autumn great hunt will be a record number and strict quota limits will be in force, everyone is expected to talk to their clan leader and obtain hunting permits to ensure you will be able to obtain the food for the feast afterwards.

OOC: this is a translation since I am assuming that most people have translated most of my language by now.

OOC2: The Olympians developed television early because of their unique language that has both somatic and verbal components.

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