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The Olympian Federation

Vasili Markov

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Species data:

Species Name: Mythran

Scientific Classification: Homo Sapien Felus


Skeleton: Bipedal

Bone Density: Normal

Fur: Skin with fur on ears and tail, common colours are brown, grey & black

Eyes: Green (80%) Brown (15%) Blue (5%)

Average Height and Weight: 2.0 - 2.2 meters tall, 70-100 kg average weight.

Diet: Omnivore, Prefers fish

Hands: Normal

Feet: Normal

Eyes: Slightly better than human normal, Superb night vision

Hearing: Very good

Vibration Sensation: Able to detect slight air movements with whiskers.

Balance & Spatial Awareness: Suburb, Mythrans are natural gymnasts and acrobats.

Physical Endurance: Slightly poorer than humans, Mythrans tend to perform poorly at long distance running and other tasks that require extended heavy effort.

Gender Ratio: 5:1 female to male ratio

OOC: No stats exceed peak human levels.

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Cultural Data:

Originaly created as soldier/slaves for a long lost civilisation that fell when they became too dependant on their technology and slaves.

they have learned from the old ledgends of "the time before" about the race that created them. They are strongly opposed to slavery and decadance and will shun those who practice such things.

Ability is prized and great social standing is given to people who are talented scientists, soldiers, workers, artists or diplomats.

Honor and face are also important in Olympian Society and it is considered to be a crime to break an oath.

The basic unit of Olympian Society is the clan, it is an extended family unit that can include up to 500-1000 members.

If a clan becomes larger than this size it will split into two clans , these splits are usually done amicably and they remain on good relations with each other.

A clan is typically made up of the descendants of a particularly famous person and

Clans typically live in a small town or village but several clans of the same tribe will often come together and found a city.

Polygamy is common in Olympian society and males take a new wife every ten years of their adult life until age fifty.

The first marriage is customary for a boys first wife to chosen by his clan for him on his tenth birthday and he has a double marriage at age 20 when he chooses a second wife and marries the first wife his clan chose for him. Men and women are free to choose any partner they like and they may refuse an arranged match but this is seen as an insult to the clan and is not common.

Society Structure

Family -> Clan (100-500 members) -> Tribe (Up to 500,000 members) -> Nation

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Millitary Data

21,400 Infantry Active

65,940 Total Infantry (Including reserves)

235 Tanks

10 Squadrons of bombers

40 Squadrons of fighters

OOC: All military stats are taken as being what the nation could jump to if the nation was attacked.

Military units


These are the basic infantry unit of the Olympian military.

They are light and highly mobile infantry, Motorcycles are common as transport and they travel with IFVs for fire support.


Standard equipment:

Backpack with 7 days of field rations

7.62mm Assault rifle

10 clips of ammo

4 HE grenades

Personal radio communicator. (10 km range)





Personal first aid kit. (Includes 2 doses of painkillers)

1 in 10 is equipped with a heavy weapon such as a squad support HMG or a recoilless rife. These rangers will travel in a side-car with the weapon mounted on the side-car on a tripod.

(More to come)

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