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Wampir Factbook

Stefano Palmieri

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OOC:Military Stuff is classified. Any Probs PM me.



Official Name: Wampir Nation.

Population: 567,321. (6,819,600 max)- 250,000 Vampires, The Rest Human.

Gross Domestic Product: None(for Now) as the Wampir have never had the need for currency before.(Would be $69,718,007,600)

Life Span:Humans, about 50 years, The Wampir-200 years to the second. The moment a Wampir turns 200 they instantly die.

Main Bastion:Sydney

Birth Rate:8/1000

Death Rate:5/1000

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Troops:20000 (Max:98,970).

Tanks:100 T-34 (Max:990)

Planes:0 (Max 108, 18 Squadrons=6 planes each)



Humans: Fire sticks (303 Rifles)

Wampir: Swords, Other Hand to Hand Combat weapons.

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The Wampir originated in Centeral Poland about 550AD. They were a group of Vampires forced out of their homes and villages. However in 980AD they were betrayed by the King of Poland. They were sent to the Kingdom of Denmark to be sent on a voyage never to return. They were sent to the Danish colony of Greenland yet the ships were sent off course. The ship went down the South American coast and around Cape Horn. After many years of sailing and Island Hopping they landed in modernday Botany Bay. After feeding on a few Aboriginals they were chased deep into the forests of the Blue Montains. Their they lived in communities numbering in the 500s. Until Modernday.

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