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Amerikanisches Reich Treaty Announcements

Otto Verteidiger

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From the Desk of Karl Verteidiger, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Amerikanisches Reich would like to make the following announcements in regards to our treaties:

We will be withdrawing from the following:

The Sovereign Initiative - We feel it is no longer in our best interested to be tied to nations we either do not care for or really know well.

Nationalist Axis - This organization hasn't do too much of late and we feel it serves no real purpose. The two nations we really knew and cared for in it, Tahoe and Transvaal, already have ties to us. Tahoe, through a MDoAP and Transvaal through friendship and the hatred of Communism. We will be looking to formalize relations with Transvaal in the near future.

This announcements serves as Amerikanisches Reich's notification of cancellation for these treaties. We will not address each individual party of these organizations of our cancellation.

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