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The Anchor Times: Fourth Edition

J Andres

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The Anchor Times

Continued from Numerous old threads...

ooc: Wiki Link

For an embassy, agree to SPEED, Standard Protocols for Embassy Establishment

Then Submit the following application:

Nation Name:

Head of State:

Other Relevant Heads of Government:


Purpose for Establishment:

Name of Ambassador:

all J Andres news articles will be placed here as well.

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President Annan Prespares for Second Cession

April 23, 2010

ENDOR CUIDAD, HAUPSTADT -- President Adrik Annan set forth preparations to withdraw J Andres troops from the Western portion of the Mond District this afternoon after news of a new independent state arose. "It is far too costly to hold such a large piece of land indefinetly. When we set forth on this endevour, we planned on holding the territory temporarily. It is now time for us to give part of this land up. A sovereign state will be formed from the western portion of the Mond District. We will retain the remainder of the land in the district for military and commercial development."

The proposed split will be as follows.


Speculation of the new state and is rampant in J Andres.

In other news:

Both Princess Stephanie and Lady Madeleine are pregnant.

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