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Forvenge's New Moniker


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"In the week that I have been the Kansler of Forvenge, I've noticed something. Erik has tried to move the nationalistic identity of this nation to both a Distopyan and a pan-scandinavian look. The language of Distopyan, which he had begun work on, has words from Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic, Norman, and even Gaelic.

His papers have been all but conclusive, Forvenge was meant to be something bigger than a Distopyan state. This nation and the people in it are to become Distopyan Norsvea, a state honoring both the scandinavian vikings and the Distopyan idealists. Forvenge will no longer be the name of this state, and this state will no longer be under the flag of a nation honoring Distopyanism. This nation will be Distopyanism. This nation will rise to the power that the Georgian and Baltic state did years ago.

All people calling themselves Distopyans, and we know there to be Distopyans in just about every nation due to immigration, refugees, et cetera, may participate in this state. We will be one worldwide nation. Distopya is Distopya worldwide, however I am only responsible for Distopyan Norsvea.

Now, at the christening of this new nation, I am announcing our new flag, the Golden Phoenix."

Two men standing behind the Kansler revealed the new flag.

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