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Boom Town


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**Classified **Secret**

The Chan Khong Defense Council and the Shadow Federation would like to arrange extensive, air drop, air assult, and sea to land training exercises for one of our special operations agencies which will consist of approximently 25 members. We believe Boomtown is ideal for the training manuvers, and we are requesting permission to use your maritime space. We'd also like your imput and possible suggestion on how we can better conduct the training and possible have the oppurtunity to conduct joint training operations with your special operation unit(s).


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A 25 member Shadow Federation Agency (Blood Claw) is standing-by in silence at the position of attention next to their tactical gear and weapons. From the lowest rank of Shadow Initiate to the Agency's Crystis, stand in the intense heat awaiting orders from higher to deploy to an undisclosed training location in the Indian Ocean. They are ready to deploy immediately should permission has been granted. They will be ordered to stand-down should the request be denied.

Estimated time to begin troop deployment: 31 hours

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Classified to Chang Khong:

Boomtown City docks has been put on a low level alert. The docks (use a map of Seattle for this) are defended by the Port Authority Police and a small garrison of regular soldiers who are armed with rifles, machines guns, and pistols. They are supported by the 130th Air Tactical Squadron who flies MIG-29 Fighters, and the 259th Patrol Squadron who flies AH-1F Cobra helicopters. They are aware that military exercises will be transpiring and have been properly equipped with simulation ammunition.

They do not know that they are the target, they do not know when you will arrive, they do not know how you will arrive, and they have no clue what they are facing.

My suggestion is you blow up one of the large cranes or their head quarters building.

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