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8BR Trade Circle, color to be decided

nelson mandela

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Selected Resources (12)

- Aluminum - Micah the Overlord(The Schulion Empire)

- Coal - penguino(Airstrip One)

- Gems - Mercutio Midas(Lexington)

- Gold - JonAce(Wineclaw)

- Iron - JonAce(Wineclaw)

- Lead - Mercutio Midas(Lexington)

- Lumber - NELSON MANDELA(Babilonia)

- Marble - penguino(Airstrip One)

- Oil - Supremacy(USPQR)

- Rubber - Micah the Overlord(The Schulion Empire)

- Silver - NELSON MANDELA(Babilonia)

- Fish - Supremacy(USPQR)

Bonus Resources (8)




Fine Jewerly


Radiation Cleanup (Requires a technology level greater than 15)

Scholars(Requires a literacy rate greater than 90)


Color Voting

AQUA 1 Vote (JonAce)

PURPLE 1 Vote (Micah the Overlord)

BLACK 1 vote (penguino)

Note: Given the draw, I will have to vote and decide the sphere. Since I'm already aqua, I'll have to vote for it. So the sphere is set to aqua.

Effect of selected resources:

Peace time Bonuses

Initial infrastructure cost: -41%

Infrastructure upkeep: -22.2%

Population increase: 8%

Citizen income increase: $9.5

Population happiness increase: 15

Initial land cost: -10%

Purchase land area increase: 38%

Natural growth increase: x0

Technology cost decrease: -13%

Environment: 1

Environment penalty reduction: -50%

Global Radiation reduction: 50%

Military Bonuses

Soldier increase: 42.6%

Soldier cost decrease: $-6

Soldier upkeep cost: $-0.5

Tank cost decrease: -8%

Tank upkeep cost: -17%

Aircraft cost decrease: -7.8%

Aircraft upkeep cost decrease: -25%

Aircraft limit increase: 10 units

Cruise Missile cost decrease: -20%

Cruise Missile upkeep cost decrease: -20%

Nuclear Weapons cost decrease: -20%

Nuclear Weapons upkeep decrease: -20%

Navy Bonuses

Frigate purchase cost decrease: -25%

Frigate upkeep cost decrease: -38%

Destroyer purchase cost decrease: -35%

Destroyer upkeep cost decrease: -30%

Submarine purchase cost decrease: -25%

Submarine upkeep cost decrease: -38%

Aircraft carrier purchase cost decrease: -33%

Aircraft Carrier upkeep cost decrease: -38%

Other navy purchase cost decrease: -15%

Other navy upkeep cost decrease: -28%

THIS IS PLANNED TO BE A LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP, so be prepared to have this resources for a LONG time before applying.

Applications must give a link to nation, so as to be able to get in touch in the game. You can apply here, and also you should send me a message(linked in the resources needed part). You can also vote for the color you want to circle to have. Any other questions, you may ask me drctly or trough the forum. Hope to get this done as quickly as posible.


Nation Name(w/Link):

Ruler Name(w/ msg link):


Preferred color(Optional):

I would finally like to deeply thank you for your time and cooperation. Will like to hear from you soon, and be able to get this circle done as quickly as posible.

Edited by nelson mandela
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Nation Name(w/Link): Phantoms Land http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...Nation_ID=79523

Ruler Name(w/ msg link): Phantom104 http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...=79523#messages

Resources: Coal Gems

Preferred color(Optional): any

Sorry, Gems is already covered. ou are in as a backup anyway. Thanks.

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Yep, Only 1 more to go. I'm having negotiations at the moment, so this could be carried out in the next 24 hours. Everybody, be ready to send new offers and cancel your agreements. Though I will perosnally message each one of you wen this is fully done.

Thanks everybody, talk to you soon.

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Nation Name(w/Link):http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=290537 celestica

Ruler Name(w/ msg link):villianfiend and not sure what message link is

Resources:coal and marble

Preferred color(Optional):don't care

someone just pm me and let me know the color and start sending trade agreements marked circle if i'm picked

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