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Food shortages in the empire

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For over a week now, the Marscurian Empire has been facing a shortage of wheat and meat. The Kaisermelech has been trying to calm the people, which has been working so far, but as the bread lines get longer, and meat rations get smaller, there have been reports of people leaving the country for more well fed nations.


Supermarket shelves have been without bread for several days, and many bakeries are closing their doors to ride out the wheat shortage.


The country is also facing a beef shortage. Here, a boy is seen walking past meat fridges that have been empty since last week. The government has taken control of meat and flour supplies and is alocating rations to the people.

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The crisis worsens!

As the empire continues to face a food shortage, a drier monsoon season has left the eastern half of the empire facing a crippling drought. Farmers and villagers from the eastern territories have fled to the west in search of food, causing crowding problems in the major cities. The only people remaining in the far east, near the Indochinese border, are troops protecting the territory. However, the people are still in high hopes, as the Kaisermelech told about his plan to irrigate the east with water from the empire's two largest rivers. The plan will take about a month to take effect, but the farmers and villagers are hopeful that it will allow them to return to their homes. The Kaisermelech is also in talks with other nations in hopes of securing food for the people of the empire.


Here, a farmer looks at their field, as the lack of water caused crops to fail


The army has set up large tent cities to house the refugees

OOC: Yeah, bad event just happened.

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Food Crisis Ends, Drought continues

Today, the Kaisermelech has secured an ample supply of wheat and beef, and food supplies are returning. The deal was completed with the promise of equal shipments of Marscurian natural resources, as well as a signing bonus of 50,000 MM. Joyous crowds took to the streets, and many businesses have re-opened with the return of food supplies.


Here, grain is loaded into a cargo ship for transport to the Marscurian Empire.

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