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Declaration of IndoChina

comrade nikonov

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New Kolkata, IndoChina:

The News Ticker Reads:

The Dragon Empire is no more | Minister of Internal Affairs Zhu De seizes power | IndoChina reestablished | Leviathan Accords Signed | Solarien Confederacy Militarizing | End of the World? | The Dragon Empire ……

Meanwhile, thousands of IndoChinese citizens crowded outside the Republican Palace to await Zhu De’s appearance.


The Presidential Palace

Seizing the time, Zhu De hurries onto the pavilion. In his hands is a large pile of neatly arranged papers. He coughs. And then, he begins:

“People of IndoChina! A new dark hour is upon us! For the Dragon Empire, which we had joined but a year ago, has collapsed! We are tattered, but not defeated! Rise up! Rise up! And create a IndoChinese nation for the IndoChinese! It has been but a breath since our independence from the Slavorussian Empire, and much has happened! As we are forced to declare our independence from the Dragon Empire, we are happy to announce that we are not alone! Just minutes before, I had signed the Leviathan Accords! This Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Treaty will be the slip of paper that ensures the safety of our sovereign nation!”

The crowd cheers in satisfaction.

“But to ensure that those nations, who wish to destroy us, are not successful in their pitiful attempts, I shall announce the first Five Year Plan of Militarization! Within 5 years (OOC: 15 Days), cruisers shall patrol the waters of IndoChina while hydrofoils will ensure the safety of IndoChinese waters. Also, I am happy to announce the Five Year Plan of Industrialization! While our economy is driven, we must also begin production of essential goods that were imported. Even though Leviathan Accord nations are still our friends, we must ensure that we will be protected.”

The crowd cheers in excitement.

“All Hail IndoChina!”

"Also, to the leaders of foreign lands: We cordually invite you to establish embassies on our soils and create lasting relations."

"I now open the floor to all questions"

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