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Explosions off the coast of Confucianism

Chancellor Bismarck

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CONFUCIUS - Multiple massive explosions were reported off the coast of the main island of Confucianism. They came around the southern edges of the island. After the massive explosions, a medium tsunami hit the southern coast of Confucianism, destroying local native villages and possibly wounding or killing multiple people in them. The southern port cities of Macce, Corin, and Darsta have been reported in rubble. The massive destruction along the coastlines puts the death toll in the thousands, possibly tens of thousands. As of yet, there is no word from the fishing boats and other commercial vessels around the edge of the island. There is also no word as to whether another tsunami is headed towards the islands surrounding Confucianism. All citizens are being evacuated into the capital city and outskirts of the area, near the middle of the island. The Confucius Central Command Center (CCCC) has lost all contact with ports on the southern edge of the island, but the ports on the northern side of the island are as of yet okay.

Confucius International Airport is currently taking in refugees from the coastline, and is flying in helicopters and aid supplies into the damaged regions. The Military is also taking part, and soldiers are currently rescuing stranded citizens and trying to get to the destroyed cities and ports to get a total damage estimates. Pictures are streaming in to Confucius Media with the devastation.


Mancara, Confucianism


Mohadisha, Confucianism


The village Openheim, Confucianism

Currently, the government is unaware of who committed the atrocities. It is also unknown whether this will interfere with Confucianism's ongoing project. It is reported from the Press Room of the capital that their main concern is bringing relief to the immediate area.

The Governor from the Maldives reports the Maldives being unaffected, and is still going about business as usual, but is flying in aid and supplies from a makeshift airstrip on the island chain.

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