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Vaule approves Re-allocation of powers act

Imperator Azenquor

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President Rokossovsky has signed the “Temporary Re-allocation of Powers Act” which primarily affects the Outer Mongolian-Buryat Autonomous Region of Vaule. The President has severely criticized regional leader President Li, for failing to take concrete steps toward disarming the Mongolian Liberation Army or the Movement for a Vaulian (Outer) Mongolia as was stipulated under the last peace accord. The Act also declares that the previously negotiated agreement is now ‘null and void due to the Outer Mongolian Provisional Authority failing to fulfill a number of the terms in the contract’. VNN News was able to gain access to a copy of the Temporary Re-allocation Act (TRA) from the President’s Chief of Staff.

Temporary Re-allocation Act regarding the Powers allotted to the Outer Mongolian-Buryat Autonomous Region

The Government of Vaule declares the following:

-The OMA Peace accord is declared void

-The right of citizens living in Outer Mongolia to bear arms is suspended. All citizens are required, under penalty of arrest, to hand over their weapons to the Military and the State Police

-Command of the Outer Mongolian Police force shall rest with the Vaulian military, and not with the Outer Mongolian Regional Authority

-The Vaulian Military is temporarily able to exercise both Military and Police powers in the region

-The Military and Police forces (hereafter referred to as the Combined State Force) are no longer required to read Miranda Rights to suspects before arresting them

-Persons suspected of terrorist activity may be detained indefinitely if, and only if the permission of a Ranking military Officer is obtained

-The Combined State Force is not required to obtain a warrant prior to searching any person, or their residence in Outer Mongolia

-The display of either an MVM or MLA flag is an illegal act

-Any complaints may be filed through the military complaints commission

-Politicians in the Outer Mongolian Regional Authority no longer have Diplomatic Immunity

-Persons in the region who obstruct the activities of the Combined State Force may be arrested and tried.

-Political gatherings, marches, parades, protests, or other public gatherings of more than 20 people require approval from the CSF. If any of the aforementioned form of gatherings take place without the permission from the CSF, they are illegal.

-This act shall last for 30 days, and may be renewed and extended up to one year if the CSF and the government feel that it is absolutely necessary to do so


Imperatrix Marimeya

President Yuri Rokossovsky


Our reporters near the Faron-Outer Mongolia border have reported a noticeable buildup of military forces at the South Faron Military Base, fueling speculation that the military will soon be launching an offensive. There are also reports that 3,000 soldiers have been called up to form the military arm of the CSF.

In a stunning reversal of his previous attacks on the President, Nationalist Leader Dmitri Ivanov has voiced strong support for the President’s stronger stance on Outer Mongolia.


-Military column approaching the South Faron Military Base


-Aerial view of the base with the Special Force flag in place of the Vaulian one

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