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Announcement from lgtromm


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OOC: I am not making this announcement. I am delivering this on behalf of DAn123123, one of our oldest RPers, who is currently having technical difficulties.


Due to health related issues, I hereby relinquish my lands to Welshgazza, until such time that I will gain be able to serve in my full capacity.

-Daniel Ebanksalov

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OOC: So he's not the most active person on these forums. Granted, he's not the most active RP'er, but he still does one every so often.

OOC: Whatever, this is BS. He hasn't been active since I joined. He's probably made between 5 and 10 posts the entire time I've been here, and he obviously still had the power to check these forums after he made his announcement of computer troubles, because he posted for the next 2 days after that several times, but not here.

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