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FRH Factbook


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(OOC: No replies please. You can usually find me on IRC if you have any questions. All information can be assumed to be unclassified unless otherwise marked.)

Official Name: Federal Republic of Henripolis

Short Name: Henripolis

Abbreviation: FRH


Type: Federal Government

Capital: Florence

President: elected every three years by popular vote.

(OOC: I plan having an election thread here every 3 months, beginning tomorrow. Following elections, I will RP as the current president)

Presidential Cabinet: appointed by the President, approved by Senate.

Senate: elected every three years by popular vote.

Foreign Relations:


Currency: Dollar

GDP Per capita: $40,000

Major Exports: Agricultural products, Iron, Steel, Coal


Population: 7,672,500

Official language: English

Major Ethnicities: Anglo-American, Germanic

Major Religion: Christianity

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OOC: Western border roughly defined by Tennessee River, AL/MS state line. Northern border is bisection of TN. I will be going by the real life geography of the region.


All able bodied males are expected to serve in the armed forces for two year but many exceptions are made on religous, physical, and psychological grounds. Following two years of service in either the active army or national guard, they may be discharged. However, they remain on reserve for emergencies until age 50.


63,000 Active

56,000 National Guard

281,000 Reservists

OOB: Active Army

1st Armored Division

1st Armored Brigade

15th Armored Brigade

2nd Infantry Brigade (Mechanized)

2nd Infantry Division

5th Armored Brigade

6th Infantry Brigade (Mechanized)

9th Infantry Brigade (Mechanized)

3rd Infantry Division

8th Infantry Brigade (Mechanized)

12th Infantry Brigade (Mechanized)

17th Armored Brigade


M1A2 SEP: 464

M2A3 Bradley: 521

M1127 Stryker Recon: 164

M113A3: 1000

Air Force


F-22C Raptor II: 102

Mi-28N: 325

F-16C Block 50/52: 370 (Slowly being phased out and replaced by the F-22C.)

TU-22M: 24

Nuclear weapons: Yes

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