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The Scandinavian "Louis the XVI"


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Prologue: A General History

Erik Betrakte was born January 15, 1991. His dad, Jon Betrakte was an upstart Politician in Norway, while Witwe was a teacher in Kristiansand. The two met in a unisex bathroom, they decided to wed, and then pre-consumated it right then and there, having Erik.


(Ignore that text) Witwe and Jon doing what they love the second most.

Erik went to an average school, and was instantly popular. He listened to what was hot. Pearl Jam, Nirvana, basically all grunge. He expanded his music tastes into classic rock and metal soon after.

In seventh grade he tried marijuana and LSD. The LSD put him in the hospital. His parents took the blame for him for illegal substance posession, and his dad was indicted for child abuse and posession. However, the family left Norway for Finland before Jon could be apprehended.

When Uberstein took power in Scandinavia, the family left to join the exiled army in the Transcaucasus. There, he made a few friends, Alve, Niko, and Niko's girlfriend Mary. It was his freshman year in high school. He didn't have a care in the world, he was just a little anarchist teenager wanting to take down the establishment.

OOC: I'm going to add in little mini-events for this story, so feel free to comment on those. This was a little history thing.

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