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Blue Circle - Beer, FF, Const. w/ Uranium


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Alright, we are once again good to go! Everyone please give at least 3 days' notice to any trade partners not already part of the circle. Then, we will make sure that we are all trading with each other. Good work guys!

Looking for long-term trade partners on the Blue Team to form a trade circle with Beer, Fast Food, and Construction for bonus resources. This trade circle replaces Fish and Gems with Uranium and Rubber. At the end of this post is a comparison between the two combinations, using the up-to-date calculator on the CN site, located here, which clearly illustrates the advantages of the Rubber/Uranium configuration in terms of initial costs, upkeep, and military bonuses.

Aluminum - Spuddicus of Spuddankavitch

Lumber - Celtic of Canazuela

Wheat - Giganot of Republic of Karelia

Water - Celtic of Canazuela

Pigs - chocfish of Herbertville

Spices - Sebet of Dalaran

Sugar - Lord Kahn of Vasuda

Cattle - chocfish of Herbertville

Marble - Spuddicus of Spuddankavitch

Iron - Giganot of Republic of Karelia

Rubber - Lord Kahn of Vasuda

Uranium - Sebet of Dalaran

Here is a graphic and numeric comparison of the Rubber/Uranium configuration (in blue) versus the more well-known Fish/Gems configuration (in green).




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If chocfish should for whatever reason suddenly disappear right after we start, then I shall contact you. Until then, he is already trading with two of us, and I regret to inform you that there is no spot for you in this trade ring right now.

I am still waiting on Loska to come on here and post his confirmation.

Sebet of Dalaran is on standby with Spices/Uranium.

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We have discussed things, and decided to take Sebet and turn down Loska. Sorry man, but Sebet just seems way more active, and he has the uranium we need. Good luck out there in getting your trades together.

We now only need Wheat and Iron!

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Excellent! Welcome aboard!

Everyone please message your existing trade partners who are not part of this circle that you will cancel their trade in three days.

And yes, NewPoseidon will switch to Blue after we are ready. Let's get this show on the road! :)

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