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Deployed all soldiers

suryanto tan

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I recently deployed all the soldiers, but still stay in monarchy.

However, I do notice that my income drop from somewhere around 100 to 78.85. But thanks God it is temporary.

I did not take the screen shot, but I do save the screen in word document.

Avg. Individual Income Taxes Paid Per Day $78.55

Number of Soldiers:

Government Type:

Monarchy (Next Available Change 10/14/2007)

47,595 (65,681)

Defending Soldiers:

0 (0) (Defending soldiers is less than 20% citizen population)

Deployed Soldiers:

47,595 (65,681)

Also, the soldier purchase screen, it shows maximum soldier I can buy, but after I bought that amount, I got this penalty. I thought that the maximum soldier you can buy is there to tell the limit to stay out of this message. If not, than it is not a bug.

The armed forces of Indonesia Raya are overly strong. This is making your population a bit uncomfortable.
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