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Cainette News and Misc RPs

Stefano Palmieri

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OOC:Thought I needed A proper thread.


Luanda, Luanda City State.

Today construction of the University of Luanda has begun. The University, which should be operational in the next few years will be an educational milestone for the nation.

Cainette Military Announcement

Today the first squadrons of Thor-1s, CE-Heavy bombers and CE-1 Attack have rolled off the production line along with the first shipment of new rifles.

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Duaphine, Cain Province

Today the bodies of three Catholic families were found lying in the street, heads cut off, eyes hanging off street poles and peices of flesh sprawled over the neighbourhood the bodies were found in. The murders are thought to hav been the acts of an anti-Catholic group who was once thought to be under control. One eyewitness reports "There was enough blood to paint the town".

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Western Cain Province

Recently in the western parts of Cain Province, Catholics have been hunted down and killed. Police and elements of the military are currently working around the clock to figure out who is behind this. An inside source said that this maybe linked to a recent poll which shows that the current religous breakdown of the western portion:

Pagan 35%

Wiccan 20%

Inuit 20%

Catholic 10%

Budhism 5%

Islam 5%

Others 2%

OOC:MCRism 100%:awesome:

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In a slow week of news the Emporer has gone to The Northern Empire to attend a ball. This is big as the Emporer is known to be rather awkward and quite at best. In other news, the Defense Department has completed 1/3 of its order. The defence is well on the way to recovery.

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