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Today the USNA National News Broadcast has been reorganized and renamed the USNA National Broadcast Network. Today we have several stories.


Today Congress has released an official fiscal review of the year 2008. All forms of revenue considered the government has managed to gather the main budget to roughly $250,000,000,000. The official rough breakdown was also given.


National Health Care


-$10,000,000,000 (Research and Development)

-$10,000,000,000 (Staff and Administration Expenses)

-$10,000,000,000 (Maintenance)

-$5,000,000,000 (Insurance/Miscellaneous)

Social Security


-$10,000,000,000 (Staff and Administration Expenses)

-$10,000,000,000 (Social Security Benefits)

General Government


-$10,000,000,000 (Staff and Administration Expenses)

-$15,000,000,000 (Maintenance)

Law Enforcement


-$22,000,000,000 (Staff and Administration Expenses)

-$8,000,000,000 (Maintenance)



-$25,000,000,000 (Army)

-$12,000,000,000 (Staff and Administration Expenses)

-$8,000,000,000 (Equipment)

-$5,000,000,000 (Research and Development)

-$30,000,000,000 (Navy)

-$15,000,000,000 (Staff and Administration Expenses)

-$10,000,000,000 (Equipment)

-$5,000,000,000 (Research and Development)

-$30,000,000,000 (Air Force)

-$10,000,000,000 (Staff and Administration Expenses)

-$17,000,000,000 (Equipment)

-$3,000,000,000 (Research and Development)

-$5,000,000,000 (Coast Guard)

-$3,000,000,000 (Staff and Administration Expenses)

-$1,500,000,000 (Equipment)

-$1,500,000,000 (Research and Development)



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The Secretary of Utilities has made an announcement today for a $5 Billion dollar plan to update, upgrade and expand the national infrastructure. Highways will be receiving some minor overhauls. A major project is the reconstruction of water and sewage systems as well as the national power grid. Another major feature will be the installation of nationwide wireless internet service. The new system will be overseen by the newly created Civil Wireless Connection Department; a sub department of the Department of Utilities. Heavy security measures have been promised for this new feature. In addition to this private construction companies have declared a major increase in family home construction due to an increasing population. Overall the economy continues to grow and with news of this new expansion the stock market has jumped by 200 points.


As of January 28, 2009 7 individual automobile companies have merged to form the United Automobile Company of America. These companies have agreed to reorganization at the behest of the Department of the Treasury. A new board of directors will soon be appointed as well as a new CEO.

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Bohovia, is very pleased to see that USNA has made major Infrastructure advancements, we look foreward to when the constructions are done, this way we can determine how Bohovia might look in a few years. As It stands currently, Bohovia is expiriencing an economic crisis, so this future advancement for Bohovia will not happen anytime soon. However Bohovia congradulates USNA on this.

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Today, in a surprise move, the Autonomous Territory of Newfoundland called for a referendum regarding its relations with the United States of North America. Currently an autonomous territory it is basically it's own nation state regarding it's own laws and government. It's military policies and foreign affairs are conducted by the USNA on behalf of the Territory as per a signed document after the dissolution of the nation of Prince Edward Island. Already the site of a large military complex jointly constructed by the USNA and previous PEI government. When the PEI government dissolved the regional government petitioned the USNA Administration for assistance. It eventually came to a security treaty which insured that the USNA would provide for it's security and foreign relations while retaining power over it's own domestic affairs in exchange for a 120 year lease on the naval base or if a demand is made that calls for the withdrawal of USNA forces and influences. Today a national referendum to join the United States of North America was passed by an 79% vote in favor. Now the government has petitioned the USNA for the application of statehood. Under the National States Development Policy Act both houses of Congress must approve the application with a 3/4 vote. Currently dominated by the moderate party the acceptance of this petition is probably likely. Almost all parties have announced their support of acceptance. The matter will be decided as the next issue given to congress sometime tonight or tomorrow.

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Today both houses of Congress approved of granting state hood to the Autonomous Territory of Newfoundland with 84% in favor in the house and 87% in the Senate. It is to be renamed just to be the State of Newfoundland and now the proposal is going back to the Congress of the Autonomous Territory of Newfoundland for final approval.


USNA military forces deployed to the Baltic are returning home today. Deployed to assist with humanitarian operations in the area with the devastation of a nuclear attack. The 1st and 5th Light Infantry Divisions returned today and performed a spectacular parade through the capital. Thousands of soldiers and hundreds of tanks and other armored vehicles marched down Capitol Avenue in an amazing display of military might. Walking in the lead was Lieutenant General Sawyer, the commander of forces involved in the operation.

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