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Trade Circle:


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Circle color is: Black


Aluminum: Adolfin

Coal: SultaN

Gold: wobbler

Iron:Lord Bulla

Lead:Lord Bulla

Lumber: wobbler

Marble: n00bpwnr

Oil: Adolfin

Rubber: TheGrayAngel

Spices: TheGrayAngel


(Wildcard)(Gems): n00bpwnr

Bonus resources will be:






-Radiation Cleanup

-Scholars (if your nation's literacy is 90% or above.)

Other bonuses/benefits:

Happiness Bonus: +7.5

Technology cost: -12.6%

Soldier Efficiency: +42.6%

Soldier Purchase Cost: -$6.00 / soldier

Soldier upkeep cost: -$.50 / soldier

Infrastructure purchase cost: -35.2%

Infrastructure upkeep cost: -23.7%

Land purchase cost: -10%

Purchased land area: +49%

Aircraft purchase cost: -15.2%

Aircraft upkeep cost: -25%

Aircraft limit: +10

Citizen daily income: +13.5$

Cruise missile purchase cost: -20%

Nuclear weapon purchase cost: -20%

Nuclear weapon upkeep cost: -60%

Tank purchase cost: -8%

Tank upkeep cost: -17%

Environmental penalty for owning nuclear weapons: -50%

Navy Vessel purchase cost: -27.3%

Navy Vessel upkeep cost: -38.4%

Environment: +2

Global Radiation: -50%

Plus whatever bonus comes with the Wildcard.

When posting, please include the following:

Nation Name:

Nation Ruler:

Trade 1:

Trade 2:

Nation link:

Please be willing to stay in the circle! If you join this circle and decide at some point to leave, please give at least a weeks notice so that the remaining members can try to find someone to fill your spot!

You must have two of the resources and a harbor in order to join.

Edited by TheGrayAngel
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Great job Gray :)

A little sad that you turned down fish and wheat, b8ut I like it that you put up Uranium, since that was the main reason to join for me:)

One question. Is it possible to go black?

Oh, and anyone that is in the circle, feel free to send me trade invites, because I have lost all of mine.

Edited by wobbler
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