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Trade Circle 3BR (FF/Con/Beer + Fish)

Jacob the Malignant

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The last trade circle I applied to fell apart, so I'll start a new one. The good old three bonus resource set. The requirements for joining as are follows:

1. You must have two of the available resources listed below. If you have one resource that has already been taken, please do not bother applying, I will not include you.

2. You must have a harbor so you can trade with everyone in the circle.

3. I would like orange team, but I really don't care. Whatever color we decide upon as a group is fine with me. However; when this color is decided upon, you must be willing to switch to it. This way we all get a +5 happiness bonus.

Here's what we need:

Iron - Jacob the Malignant (Orange)

Silver - Jacob the Malignant (Orange)

Pigs - devil69 (Orange)

Cows - devil69 (Orange)

Sugar - Hockey Nation (Black)

Aluminum - Hockey Nation (Black)

Spices -

Marble -

Fish -

Lumber -

Water -

Wheat -

The problem is, we have little in the way of a "wildcard" resource since I have iron, and my second is silver. Sorry :(

This circle gets a lot of good bonuses. Large citizen boost, income will sky rocket, infra costs plummet. Great circle. Join it if you can!

So post here with your resources and a nation link, and I'll add you to the list. When I get home tonight at 6:45-ish from work (I live GMT -5:00) I'm going to message people in the world with what we need to join.

I'm going to check nation Colors and put that next to each name, you current color will be your "vote"

Thank you very much everyone,


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