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Mostly Harmless Alliance Technology Centre Import Branch

maxwell little

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The Mostly Harmless Alliance needs 20+ reliable tech sellers, between creation and 3k infrastructure, who are willing to do repeating 3x3 tech deals (3m/100T) every 10 days, on the 1st,11th and 21st of each month. We will organize the deals, all you need to do is send the tech offer as soon as you get the money. A guide to selling tech will be provided to you if requested. Also, MHA is willing to pay 3m every 10 days as a bonus to sellers who take part in a 3x3 and prove to be reliable. (Who complete 1 deal without serious delay) The MHA has buyers lined up with their cash, and we are starving for tech. The MHA tech centre is on our forum, and can be accessed by non-members. All Sellers who are in a deal with have MHA military protection from tech raids, within reason. (Would need to be Triumvir approved)


The MoT (Ministry of Towels, Economy) and the Tech centre are willing to negotiate 5x5 and bulk import deals with alliances as well as individual nations. Post here with your ruler name and nation link to sign up, and do the same on the MHA forum, here:


Please sign up, MHA wants as much tech as possible!

Maxwell, MHA SoT (Secretary of Technology)

Will be bumped daily.

Backup Seller List:






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