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Rodentia Dominatus

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Hail and well met :)

Welcome to Rodentia Dominatus.

We are not a large alliance but we do have a few rules (sorta). And I will edit this as needed.

1 - We allow raiding. Just remember to raid those who are not in an alliance of 5+...and check and see if they have any treaties. In other words; use your head. If you raid and get in over your head? Such as they fight back? Yer pretty much on your own. They call in friends? Ditto. Though we'll help in that case diplomatically.

2 - The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed....erm; I mean... Self-defense is always allowed. You get hit as a member you are cleared to use every weapon in your inventory to defend yourself. And you can expect 1, or more, support nations from the alliance. Those nations will be there.

3 - When attacking in support of another member. Use your heads. Depending on relative size and such...welps depends on what you do. In general, a couple GAs and fighter runs are okay. Do not use more unless told to by war leader (me) or the boss (arcticllama).

4 - It is advisable to check with myself or Arcticllama before engaging one attacking a Rodentia member. We may have something going on and you may have been missed in the info-loop though we do try to catch everyone.

5 - We may have a few treaty partners. Check me, Llama, and B Bear's about sections for with whom. I would not hit them, ever. If they hit you? A Rodentia member? Holler fast and defend yourself. It'll be shut down fairly quickly.

6 - If an ally needs help. We will do so.

Feel free to holler and get to know us :)

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We allow raiding. Just remember to raid those who are not in an alliance of 5+

Wow you letting them raid small alliances that are trying to start. Shows no respect of the new children alliances. Oh well they would die like the rest of us but not with nukez :awesome:

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In all honesty, I personally do not raid...and, never will. I find it to be of limited, if any, use. And I tend to discourage raiding any alliance. But, I'm also the XO...so, thus the compromise. <<shrugs>>

You'll find that most will raid non-aligned. And as for my casualties? All in defense of alliance members. :)

We're still tweaking this, and could use a few more active and creative folks. :) Rodentia evolves over time a bit :)

And hello, Gopher :)

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