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Neo Olympia Factbook

Vasili Markov

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Structure & Table of contents



Foreign Affairs

Economic Data

Health & Education

Diplomatic Register

Military Stats


News & Announcements



System: Meritocracy/Democratic.

State Religion: No official state religion.

Political Compass: Economic Left/Right: -7.12 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.00

Executive branch

Head of state and government: General Vasili Markov

Term: Life

Selection: Selected by senate & council in joint session.

Other Departments:

Department of Defence:

Supreme Commander :General Vasili Markov (Head of state)

Milcom air: General Abigail Johns (Senate)

Milcom land: General Vasili Markov (Head of state), Major General Heidi Smithe (Adjutant, Senate)

Milcom sea: Admiral George Gloval (Senate)

Provost Marshall (Justice): Major General Thomas Seville (Senate)

Intelligence (SO-52): Lieutenant General Mark Barry (Senate)

Department of Education: Dr Max Fielding (Senate), Mrs Jane French (Council)

Department of Trade & Economics: Dr Lana Greenspire (Senate), Mr Barney Jenkins (Council)

Treasury Department: Ms Felicia Deville (Senate), Mr Yoshi Sato (Council)

Department of Health: Dr Christian Olafson (Senate), Ms Sasha Nixon (Council)

Industrial relations & Industry: Mr Sven Peterson (Senate), Ms Roxie Delaney (Council)

Culture & History: Dr Jessica Lev (Senate), Mr Clayton Chichester (Council)

Science: Dr Eve Wheelwright (Senate), Dr Misato Shirow (Council)

Foreign affairs: Dr Peta Maxwell (Senate), Dr Manwell Diego (Council)

Legislative Branch:

Chambers: Bicameral

Council Seats: 50

Senate Seats: 12

Council Term: 4 year terms, Chosen by democratic election

Senate Term: Indefinite, Chosen by competitive examinations with veto power held over all appointments by head of state.

Judicial Branch

(In descending order of importance)

Head of state: The ultimate avenue of appeal, can issue pardons and letters of marque (rarely used). cases must first be rejected by the supreme court to warrant an appeal to the head of state.

Supreme Court: The penultimate court of appeal, A panel of 7 high justices hear appeals and pass judgement on cases of great nation importance.

High Court: A high court judge can pass judgement on all felony cases, perform the duties of a district court judge.

District Court: A district court judge can pass judgement on felony cases that do not involve the death penalty, perform all the duties of a magistrate and refer a case to a higher court.

Local Magistrates: A magistrate can pass judgement on misdemeanour cases, refer a case to a higher court and perform legally binding marriages and divorces.

Justices of the peace (A triumvirate of Justices of the peace can pass judgement on misdemeanour cases or refer a case to a higher court)

Civil Law Enforcement

Police Department (Under the control of the Provost Marshall)

OOC: To discuss this thread please contact me by PM.

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Novus Niciae was founded as a social experiment by scientists lead by Dr Charles

Johns. The goal of this experiment was to create a knowledge based society where

the talented would rule justly for the benefit of all. Over the course of Nician

history Prime minister Johns distinguished himself repeatedly by leading the

nation in times of peace an prosperity and through times of war. It was during

these times of unrest that our current leader Vasili Markov, then a field

commander in the Nician Imperial Legion served the old empire and won many battle

honours and triumphs.

But just as Novus Niciae reached the peak of its glory, tragedy struck. Prime

Minister Johns Died from an unknown cause and without his leadership the great

experiment ended. The citizens of the empire lost and without a strong leader

scattered to the four corners of the globe and settled amongst the many nations

of Bob. And the light of Niciae was thought to be lost forever.

Vasili Markov, once a hero of the Nician Legion and now the CEO of his family

business Markov Electronics felt that the light of the old empire could be

reclaimed and slowly he gathered support for this idea amongst the expatriate

Nicians of the world and it was decided that a new chapter of the saga would


Using his own money Vasili Markov Purchased the site of old nicae city from New

Cymru financed a private expedition to the site of Niciae City to see what could

be reclaimed. The expedition was a success beyond the wildest dreams of all

involved, Not only was Niciae City reclaimable Most of the structures were largely

intact and some of the vaults contained artefacts from the old empire carefully

hidden away against such an occasion.

So the proclamation went forth, All former Nicean citizens were informed of the

discoveries of the expedition and the nation of Neo Olympia was founded

as the rightful successor state to Novus Niciae and to continue to shine the

light of knowledge into the world as was done before.

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Foreign Affairs:

Public Treaties:

Francoist Brothers in Arms Treaty (MDAP + Free Trade)


Australian Unity Accords (MDAP + Free Trade + Tech Sharing)


Neo Olympia & Neo Triyunica educational exchange program. (Tech Sharing)


Tech Sharing Agreement between Wanatet Corporation & Neo Olympia


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Economic Data:

Exports: Lead & Wine

Interest rate: 9.75%

Inflation rate: 8.25%

Taxation rate: Variable in proportion to income (28% = average income tax rate)

Currency: Franco(s) (Currency Code: F)

Current Economic Focus: Trade/Research & Development

Reserve bank Level: 20% of GDP

Economic Style: Regulated Market with government monopolies on electronics, telecommunications, postal services & Public transport.

Tech: (30log(1.5 * 988.16)) + 1910 = 2005.12756 = 2005

Neo Olympia & Neo Triyunica educational exchange program. (Tech Sharing) (cancelled, preserved tech rule applies)

100.14+0.25*(3,914.18 -100.14) = 978.545

CNRP Tech Level = 978.55 (rounded)

The following formula was used to calculate this tech level (Link)

Tech Sharing Agreement between Wanatet Corporation & Neo Olympia (Tech Sharing) (Active)

100.14 + 0.25*( 3,652.22 -100.14) = 988.16

CNRP Tech Level = 988.16

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Health & Education:

Education: Compulsory till age 18

Education Policies:

Free School Lunch Policy

Cadet Corps : Membership open to 8-18 year olds, Provides a basic introduction to military life, Offers social outlet for preteens & teens & provides physical fitness training.

National Service: Compulsory 4 year term upon reaching age 18. Exemptions only granted on medical grounds. A civil service option is available for conscientious objectors at 75% of the pay scale of the military option.

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Diplomatic Register:

Foreign Diplomats in Neo Olympia.

Welsh Empire: (OOC: Please Send me a name so I can complete this)

New Cymru: Admiral Steven Lloyd Jones

Amerikanisches Reich: Diplomatic offices are offered to this nation.

Diplomats on assignment to the world.

Welsh Empire: Lt. Col. Jason Fletcher

New Cymru: Colonel Akira Juno

Amerikanisches Reich: Doctor Major Faust Von Munihausen MD

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Military Stats:

Armed Forces

67,390 Soldiers

250 M1A2 Tanks


AR-15 Assault Rifle

NAS-50 50cal sniper Rifle

NA-60 Heavy Machine Gun

NA-45M Light Machine Gun

TZK 9mm Sub-Machine Gun

MPFP Flamethrower

Special Forces:

Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai ("Special Assassination and Tactical Squad")

Codename: ANBU

Organisation: 12 x 4 man cells.

Classification: State Secret , Official denial if questioned

Actual strength: Unknown


All ANBU members are experts in martial arts, survival, tracking, stealth, assassination techniques, acting & world cultures, individual agents are also selected from a wide variety of cultures to enable them to seamlessly blend in to ethnic communities flawlessly.

Only the best of the army become rangers and only the best rangers are approached to become ANBU operatives and even then they are not told what the mission is before they accept other that it is a suicide mission.

The ANBU training regime is brutal and only 50% of candidates survive to become ANBU operatives.

All official records of ANBU members are erased upon joining and they renounce all family ties and friendships, in short they fall off the face of the earth, No search of any database will reveal any information about their past and only the highest levels of the military are even aware of their existence. They are commonly used to observe troublemakers and discreetly eliminate them if need be. ANBU operatives are sometimes sent into risky situations as diplomats using a cover identity provided by the state if a meeting is judged to be potentially hostile and it would be too risky to send normal diplomats, the identities they use will pass any official check and are thorough enough to include even such trivial details such as fake personal email accounts , letters from fictional family members, bank accounts and bills from utility companies as well as the usual details a person performing an identity check would expect.

ANBU operatives have access to the best of the equipment that the nation can provide to carry out their mission.

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The Senate & Council Building (Active) and the University of novus niciae building (Inactive)


Pacifica City Naval base

OOC: Inactive means that the building still exists but I can not use it until I "build"/repair it in-game.

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Leader Biographies:

General Vasili Markov

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Current Position:

Commander in Chief of Olympian Millitary.

President of the Neo Olympian Federation

Head of State.

Head of Government.

Former Positions Held:

Colonel in the Nician Defence forces

Commander of Special Forces.

Director of Z.E.R.O. (Zombie Emergency Response Organisation)


Hero of the Nician Empire medal.

Distinguished Service Medal (Triple Award)

Conspicuous Gallantry Medal (Double Award)

Africa Medal (Command cross)

Asia Medal (Command cross)

Oceania Medal (Command cross with diamond cluster and swords) [Outstanding Performance, Personally lead a combat unit in battle to victory against superior numbers when defeat seemed certain]

Wound medal

Expert Marksman Badge (Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Pistol, Sub Machine Gun, Machine Gun).

Mechanised unit Badge.

Ranger Badge.

Good Conduct Medal.


Before enlisting in the military, he led an unremarkable life as the heir to a vast fortune from the prominent Markov electronics company.

After the Diaspora of the empire caused by the collapse of the old kingdom he resumed his role as the director of Markov Electronics but he found it unsatisfying and dreamed of a return to the old days when he "made a difference" in his own words.

So he is using his fortune to finance an attempt to rebuild in the spirit of the old kingdom and lead it back to its past grandeur.

General Abigail Johns

Age: 30

Gender: Female

Current Position:

General of the Neo Olympian Airforce

Member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Senator of Neo Olympia

Former Positions Held:

Wing Commander, Nician air force


Oceania Medal

Asia Medal (Command Cross)

Europe Medal (Command Cross with swords)

Distinguished Flying Cross

Air combat ace medal (5 diamonds & 1 gold star)

Good Conduct Medal


The only daughter of Prime Minister Johns, General Abigail Johns was one of the first to join General Markov in founding Neo Olympia, Her Logistical talents have been invaluable in the reconstruction efforts. She is a fighter ace and has 58 personal confirmed kills and 20 assists to her record.

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