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Article I: Mutual Defense

The Phoenix Federation and WAPA will not engage in acts of

aggression upon one another, and shall honor all requests for military assistance should

either find itself under attack by an outside party.

A) If either Alliance encounters a conflict of treaty obligations under this article;

the non-waring alliance shall try Diplomatic solutions first and act as a peace negotiator.

If all attempts to resolve the conflict fail, the other is oblagated to defend.

Article II: Optional Aggression

The Phoenix Federation has the option to engage in offensive actions that WAPA takes, but is not obligated, and vice versa.

Article III: Cancellation

Should either alliance feel the need to withdraw from the agreement, they shall notify

the other alliance privately. A 48 hour cancellation period shall be in effect from the

time that an alliance is notified of cancellation

We have decided to make our friendship with WAPA public.


Burning Glory - The Flame

Shortstar of Husquavarna

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