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Trying to find an Alliance for me

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Greetings Saint Zigman,

You are invited to join our alliance.

TTK gets your nation on the fast track to success focusing on the big picture with economic guides, trade groups, and a war academy for military training. We strive for peace but prepare for war. TTK gets your nation growing fast with a 3 mil bonus for active members.

Here is our alliance charter: http://ttkalliance.com/forum/index.php?topic=877.0

And you can join here: http://ttkalliance.com/forum/index.php?topic=639.0

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Join the World Association of Nuclear Genocide we have a buch of experienced players that can help your nation grow and if you do join we will give you 1.5mill(you dont have to go through training or even be active on the forms) and we have strong allies and will be able to protect you from attackers and we just have a bunch of fun people in this great alliance and we can hook you up with as many tech deals as you could want(a great way to make your nation grow)

come here to join http://wangalliance.net/forum/533625/

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The United Purple Nations offers a wide range of advantages that will suit your needs no matter who you are. For starters, we offer a 3 million startup aid if you complete a small, easy test that lasts really no longer than 5 minutes. We never expect the money back later in the game. We protect your nation through diplomacy and if neccesary militarily, whatever you do lose will be paid in repearations. We one of the few alliances that authorize the use of 'tech raiding' within a certain limit. We have annual recruitment drives that offer up to 15 million and we also offer aid if you desperatley need it. You will only ever be asked to go to war if it is absolutley needed, and you will be compensated for your losses, besides, it is very rare military action is needed. I personally love this alliance for it has never failed me and I feel that I can actually make a difference within it, I would recommend it to anybody.

Regards, James XI

P.S. We are one of the fastest growing alliances and have 202 active nations, so we are well respected throughout Cybernations

EDIT: Sorry, here is our link: http://z6.invisionfree.com/Unitd_Purple_Na...dex.php?act=idx

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