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Another Casus Belli Announcement

King Death II

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The MHA - CB :wub: Treaty

Article 1 – Non Aggression:

Casus Belli and Mostly Harmful Alliance promise not to attack each other.

Article 2 – Mutual Defense:

When it comes to war, we got each other’s backs. If either MHA or CB gets attacked, the other will be there to defend them.

Article 3 – Optional Aggression-

If either MHA or CB start a war, it is not necessary that the other has to help them in the war. They can help but they don’t have to help.

Article 4 - Intelligence and Communication:

Both signatories recognize that the other signatory lacks intelligence; however, if a signatory discovers some intelligence, whether by mistake or epiphany, it should be shared with the other signatory so that they don't feel in any way inferior to their ally.

Article 5 – Cancellation

Like all treaties, it can be canceled but a 72 hour notice needs to be given and once that notice is given, the treaty will be downgraded into a NAP lasting 1 week.

Signed for Casus Belli:

Bionic Redhead - Warboss

King Death II - Deputy Warboss

Signed for Mostly Harmful Alliance:

thaisport - Prime Minister of Most Harmful Alliance

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