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How do I start an alliance?

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It takes ALOt to start a alliance and be succesful. I founded a alliance with a friend and am the admin but it took alot to get where we are at now and we're still small. Your best bet is to join a big alliance and work your way up in the goverment and learn how CN politics work.

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The simple and incorrect way is to just go to your "Edit Nation" screen and insert what ever alliance name you want (provided that alliance doesn't already exist)

there are several problems to this...

1) Most Cybernations Alliances only recognize the legitimacy of an alliance when they have reached a certain strength in either Total NS or # of Nations... So having just yourself wearing an alliance affiliation with nobody in it will most surely get you attacked just as if you were wearing no alliance affiliation...

2) This one plays along with problem #1... as even if say you have 10 nations, without a Protectorate treaty (if you don't know what that is... I suggest using google to find out) your small alliance is still open to attacks by larger more war hungry alliances...

3) You need to have a place where you member nations can gather and discuss things privately... Any alliance that currently exists in Cybernations is nothing without the organizational effects of there private forum where member nations meet and discuss everything there could possibly be to discuss...

4) An alliance that grows needs rules to govern themselves by, a small group of people can get by with a generic don't do anything unless we all approve method of government but that generally leads to Problem #1 and #2 happening...

So how do you fix all of this so that your alliance has the best possible chance for survival and growth on this here great Planet Bob?

1) Gather people to help form your alliance... I would suggest 10-20 people

2) Go to a larger alliance in good standing in the cyberverse (I would suggest one of the Sanctioned alliances). Register on their forums and or find a high ranking government official in their IRC room and discuss with them in private (ie: query them or ask them to send one to you if you don't know how... for this I would also suggest googling if you are unsure of how to do it, it is a very useful and important tool if you wish to succeed in this game at all) what you want from your alliance, how you feel it should grow... what plans you have to make this happen... who will/might be in the alliance, and if they would be possibly willing to give you a Protectorate Treaty.

3) Register yourself a Forum so that your nations have a place to gather (if you aren't sure of how to do this I would again say that google will be your friend). I would suggest finding at least one person that will be in your alliance that knows how to run/moderate/admin a forum.

4) You need to sit down with your new alliance mates and write down on paper a list of rules and regulations that your alliance and it members will live by. For inspiration you can read through some of the Alliance Charters that are located on the Cyber Nations Wiki. Though DO NOT COPY ANYTHING FROM THEM... Plagerism is a high crime here in this cyberverse and the punishment will surely bring the wrath of the offended Alliance, thus throwing you into the grasps of Problems #1 and #2...

Once you have these things, you will be ready and able to go and your alliance will have the highest possible chance of success... everything else is just how you play the Cyberverse :)

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