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  1. Recently The Confederate States forums were made useless when the Vice Presidents nation was deleted. At that time he was the only Admin on the forums so no one can do anything with them now. He as the also the only one that had any experience creating forums and making them look professional. I need help creating new forums for my alliance. Name a reasonable price and I will pay you.
  2. Its not reversed. I'm the President and JeffersonDavis is Vice President. It wsas my idea to start The Confederate States. Plus ive been the leader of a alliance before but I hope this time I do a better job. Also great Star Trek nation theme. I used to be a BIG trekkie a few years ago.
  3. I was a member of CIS before the war with NPO. It was fun. Im glad CIS is reforming. Hopefully my alliance, The Confederate States and CIS can have healthy diplomatic relations. Congratulations on the rebirth.
  4. On June 2, 2009 a new alliance was founded called The Confederate States. It was founded by the former Admin of The Union of Nations, King Daniel The 1st and a a guy formally a member of The Leigion named JeffersonDavis. Together they founded The Confederate States, the only Confederate themed alliance currently exsiting in Cybernations today. Seven of the current nine members of The Confederate States are a Confederate or Southern themed nation. Though The Confederate States has a Confederate theme it is open for anyone who is interested in joining. The Confederate States is a multi colored a
  5. I'm just finishing with a war thats taken a heavy toll on my nation. I'm trying to gain funds to rebuild what I lost. I used to tech deal for Nueva Vida. My prices are: 50 Tech for $1.5 million 100 Tech for $3 million Contact me on Cybernations or post here.
  6. I dont think Bob will come to a end but if everyone is on red or in NATO or something a reset would be nice.
  7. You may have heard the saying that all great empires fall. Well I believe the same happens in CN. Ive noticed there have been alot of big alliances since CN has been in exsistence but they have all disbanded or merged with another for one reason or another. How do you think CN will look in five years, alliance wise. Will there still be a NPO, IRON, GDA, GATO, NATO, etc? What do you think will happen do all the great alliances we know today?
  8. I think NPO did this same thing to my old alliance The Confederacy of Imperial States after I left but I dont have much info on why or how the war started. All I know is that it had 200 members when the war started and 10 when it ended. It was very sad and I fear that NPO will do this to the Jarheads to.
  9. Dude every single post I make im flamed HORRIBLY! I also said I might not even restart TUON! I might stay in FUCN and keep working my way up.
  10. Dude you dont know what your talking about. The whole goverment left and a few of the members, not just me. I didnt get "Thown out" of it. I could still be Admin of TUON now if I wanted but I thought it best to move on and maybe in the future try again when ive got more experience.
  11. Dude Jofna(I know its you) give me a break. Im already changing. I know I did some idiotic stuff in TUON and want to redeem myself whether its in FUCN or if its in a new TUON im determined to make things right with the CN community because I know ALOT of ppl dont like me.
  12. Thank you sir and good luck to you to. Im not trying to milk FUCN or anything like that like ppl are saying. I was told many times I should have left TUON to join a bigger alliance and then try to start a alliance that might have been successful but I didnt listen. And why is it EVERY post I make, ppl up here maul me to death. This is the post that I didnt say something stupid, I didnt condridict myself, or make myself seem like a idiot! PLEASE FOR ONCE GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!
  13. After The Union of Nations(TUON) disbanded I tried to start another alliance called The Confederate States but it did'nt really work out. I was thinking of starting a new nation and starting fresh but then I got a recruitment message from The Federation of Unified Confederate Nations(FUCN). I joined and then started my own FUCN political party called The Confederate Action Party(CAP). I am now running in the upcoming FUCN elections for FUCN Senate. I'm going to stay in FUCN for awhile and try to work my way up in it's goverment and get some more leadership experience and then I want to try to
  14. Nah I was bored. Doesnt really have anything to do with CN.
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