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Protectorate Treaty of DAN + United White

Jason Salovsky

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Protectorate Treaty of DAN & United White:


In recognition of friendship towards one another and in the hopes of cooperative prosperity, DAN and United White enter into the following protectorate terms.

Article I

Neither DAN or United White shall initiate acts of aggression/ war against each other.. This includes, but is not limited to, acts such as: Tech Raiding, Wars of Aggression, Spying by United White or DAN on each other.

Article II

Should the DAN come under attack by a hostile force, United White is obligated to come to the defense of DAN.

Article III

Both DAN and United White agree to share any information they learn about a possible threat toward the other signatory, and will respect the wishes of the other should one party express the desire to keep such intelligence confidential.

Article V

Should either party wish to cancel this agreement for any reason, they must notify the other through diplomatic channels. The treaty is binding for an additional 72 hours from the time of the notification of cancellation.

This treaty is also terminated if both alliances were to go to war against one another (yeah... right).



Panic King

Director of Alliance Operations

United White


President/ Founder

Democratic Allied Nations (DAN)

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Weren't you the guy that bragged about UW's military strength of beating MI and gave no credit to your allies?

what? oh... that was a misunderstanding. see, i though that they were against UW when I put that, because I had been attacked by them multiple times, but apearantly they were rouges.

My Standard alliance wanted to do TE, and we are doing this mainly for war exp.

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