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Northern Alliance


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We at the Northern Alliance are accepting members NOW!!! Even though this is a brand-new alliance, the leader, Kitex, is an experienced player that has friends in high places. Kitex is a competent, friendly, and active leader. Also Kitex has a lot of experience with running an alliance. In the game !@#$%* 2 kitex has the largest alliance in World 3, NATO! He already has positions ready and is busy making a forum for this alliance.

We are looking for members that are active and also that have some experience in the game. You will be able to participate in discussions, create and vote on laws, help in the creation of a charter for the NA, and also be a part of the NA governmental process! Some positions that need filling are: Minister of War, Minister of Economics, Minister of Diplomacy, Minister of Intelligence Minister of the Court, and Minister of Special Forces. Each of these titles comes with a deputy that the Minister will hand-pick. The NA tries first to end conflicts before they start, we will use diplomacy and treaties always as a first option, however, we will defend ourselves and also our future allies. JOIN NOW!!!!

If you want to join please contact me at


or PM in-game at


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