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Hai everyone. If you are reading this, you are either a member with no Alliance looking for a great one (that would be DE) or someone with an Alliance comparing your's to mine. If you have an Alliance, please leave because I am going to be talking to my good friends, people who are considering joining DE.

Well, Hi there guys. My question to you is, "What do you want in an Alliance?"






Tech Deals?

Trade Circles?

Well, I just checked and we have ALL that. We have absolutely funtastic people like me, we have tons of lulz together, we have free joining Aid, we have Advice from senior members, we have guides, we have tons of tech deals needing to be completed and the same goes for trade circles. :lol:

So, C'mon, apply. We have such a tight-knit, close community, we will get you integrated with all our other members immediately. If you are shy, contact me and I'll get you in there. Plus, if you want a job or some responsibility, I have plenty of very important jobs waiting just for someone cool like you.

So, don't be a square, come join the Dark Evolution............NOW!.....Lol, jks. :lol:

But seriously come or I'll eat your dog... :P

Cya, there.

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