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Green team trade circle

Emperor Murphy

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I have a proposition for you & $20,000, if you are interested.

If you join the circle you will get the following bonus resources:









Radiation cleanup

You will also get +4 happyness boost via team bonus

you need to be on the green team & must have two of the following resources

Oil -

Coal -

Lead -

Iron -

Marble -

Lumber -

Aluminium -

Gold -

Gems -

water -

Rubber - Emperor Murphy

Silver - Emperor Murphy

This will be a perminant trade circle and once you join you may not leave until you have found some one to replace you

You're income via taxes will go up by $9.50

in addition to team bonus your population happyness will go up by 16.5 (increasing income even more)

Your initial infrastructure cost will go down by 35.2%

Your initial tech cost will go down by 12.6%

your initial land cost will go down 10%

You'll get a land bonus of 38%

and an enviroment bonus of +2 which reverses the effects of coal oil and rubber

I ain't done with the bonuses yet lol

Your soldier efficiancy increases by 42.6% & their cost goes down by $6

CM cost decreased by 20%

nuke cost decreased by 20%

Tank cost decreased by 8%

Navy cost decreases by 23.5%

Fighters cost Decreased by 15.2% and you will be able to get 10 extra fighters

(or helicopters if you like)

And nope I still ain't done with the bonuses, the following are the broken down effects on your bill payments

Infra upkeep -21.3%

Soldier upkeep -$0.50

Tank upkeep -17%

Nuke upkeep -20%

navy upkeep -35.2%

Aircraft upkeep -25%

Ok I am finally done with the bonuses, you'll need a harbour but they can come later as the trade slots fill up.

http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=279570 <that is to contact me.

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Lol, well there's one, only 3 more to go, anyone else interested?

Run the resource calculater to see the effects of this cirlce, but remember it's wheat and not water now, so the effects will differ slightly.

I'm tellin' everyone here, go on you'll see I ain't liein' about the effects. :)

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