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POWER Lives!


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After much crisis, opposition and attacks by our opponents we have finally made it to the stage of official existence.


Forums: http://z13.invisionfree.com/POWER_Cybernations/index.php

Treaty Block: Coalition of Micro-Alliances (CoMA)

We are POWER, the Protection Order of Warrior Elite Republics, and we seek to become an alliance of Close Friends, Loyal Members and Fun Times in the Cyberverse.

The Protection Order of Warrior Elite Republics, whose official acronym will be POWER, is a military based alliance, founded by multiple nations. The purpose of POWER, is to not be like the other, larger alliances, but have stronger ties with each other, and always be there when another nation is in need. POWER focuses on the military strength of it’s’ nations and makes its profits through tech deals and trades. POWER is more of an alliance, where everyone knows each other, rather than just trying to recruit a number. Also, POWER is an open alliance, which means anyone can apply no matter their color sphere, and they are encouraged to do so.

Table of Contents
I: Membership
II: Standard of Behavior and Conduct 
III: Elections and Government positions
IV: War and Defense
V: Amendments

I: Membership

A.To become a full pledged member of POWER, one must first fill out an application and post it in their own thread. The application form is as follows:

Nation Name:
Nation Ruler:
Nation Link:
Who recruited you:
Reason for joining:
Team Color:

B. POWER shall exist as a multi-colored alliance.  Therefore there will be no requirements as to what color sphere a nation must belong to, in order to join POWER.However, a color may be suggested by Ministers in order to futher an alliance goal or to get said nation into a great trade circle for maximum benefits.

C. The Minister of Power and any other Minister has the ability to suspend an account for a certain amount of time. They can do this if a member does not follow the rules of the alliance, or fails to meet the requirements of their military division(after being repeatedly reminded). 

D.Once a member is accepted into POWER, if they are under 5,000 nation strength, that nation is required to complete the Skola, POWER’s education system.  Exceptions to this rule can be made, if the Ministers decide amongst themselves that a nation is sufficiently experienced with the game. 

There are 7 tests a Skola student must complete to become a full member of POWER. Each test focuses on a important and crucial part of Cybernations, and POWER. These tests are a demonstration of how much a nation is ready to devote to POWER as well as to the Cyberverse.  Only when a student completes these tests will they be granted the full rights and privileges of a POWER member and receive 3 million in aid for graduating the Skola.	

II: Code of Conduct

A.Every nation in POWER must remain, polite, respectful, and courteous whenever dealing with any alliance matters. This includes: forums, PM’s, elections, tech deals, trades and anything else. Each nation represents POWER, and if they screw up, everyone else is impacted, so Remember all your actions have an effect on the alliance as a whole.

B.Every nation, is expected to refrain from the use of profane language, and ‘internet’ talk, a.k.a lol, lmao, 133t. This is an alliance of respect, and POWER does not need messages they cannot translate.

C.Every topic, thread and reply on the forums must be relevant to Cybernations, or the topic being discussed. Please do not post auctions on non related items such as iPods, computers, etc.. 

III: Government Elections

A.The position of Minister of Power, is the topmost position in POWER.  The Minister of Power will be responsible for commanding POWER nations in times of war, overseeing the day to day operations of the ministries, managing the various issues facing the alliance and providing a voice who will represent our alliance here and abroad.  The MoP will also be granted the ability to issue a declaration of war and to sign treaties with other alliances.  This seat is never elected, but changes when the holder steps down, and passes it on to their choice. All other Minister positions are elected every 6 months. Elections are held through the poll option on the forums. Tumerz or Stonewall will be the only ones allowed to start these threads, all others are fake, unless told so.

B.Minister of Military: Handles all aspects of military. All tech raid requests and attack requests are directed to them.  In times of war will expected to activate POWER's military and work alongside the MoP in leading the alliance to military victory.  Moderates Military Forum.

C.Minister of Foreign Affairs: Handles all deals with diplomats. Diplomatic requests are directed to them. Moderates Diplomatic Halls subforum.

D.Minister of Internal Affairs: Handles all problems inside the alliance. Moderates most forums except for Military and Diplomatic Halls.

E.Minister of Finance: Handles all alliance money, and directs where money is spent. Responsible for treasury.

F.Minister of Recruitment: Handles all incoming members. In charge of recruiting new members.

G. Minister of Enlightenment: Handles all alliance information going out into the Cyberantions forums. Makes anouncements, etc.  Will also be expected a promote the ideals and values of our alliance towards both fellow members and to non-POWER nations.  

IV: War and Defense

A.Each nation has military requirements according to their nation strength. This is so in the event of an alliance war, POWER is ready to retaliate and win. All nations are required to come to the aid Every member has certain requirements that must be fulfilled. This is so in the event of an of all Ministers and fellow nations are in war. If one fails to give military aid, they can be indefinitely suspended.

B.POWER does not allow it’s nations to attack with free will. POWER does not allow thech raiding due to the huge problems that may insue and the harm it can do to our standing with other alliances.

C.In the event that one is attacked, they are given the privilege to retaliate, and then they are required to report it on the forums to a Minister. Then, aid from other nations will come as long as foreign aid slots are open.

D.A Nuclear Attack is allowed in the event of voting. At least 4 out of the 
7 Ministers must vote yes to enable the attack to commence.

V: Amendments:

A.The charter is subject to change in the event that it is necessary. The proposed amendment must pass a majority vote among the Ministers in order for it to take effect.

Many have been unkind to us, many have disapproved of our allegedly questionable ethics and many have threatened to crush us. Contrary to their claims we, in POWER, seek no harm to anyone, we simply wish to have some fun, shape our own alliance and share it with a small close-knit group of friends.

Currently we consist of only a couple of members. Some may sneer at this small micro-alliance, but we see our size as strength. The people in POWER know each other pretty well, we've known each other for some time. Together we have been through times both happy and hard. In many ways this closeness is what inspired this alliance and what binds the alliance together.

So if you're looking for an alliance that:

- Treats you as a friend (out of commitment and necessity)

- Will always be there to assist you in times of need

- Will give you with unparalleled prospects of holding positions of power (since we don't have that many members) and to help mold the alliance into your own

- Will give you opportunities to enjoy the game to its fullest (eg: WAR!)

- As Growing and Maturing nations ourselves, we'll help build your nation to great proportions through means both peaceful and questionable

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, come check out POWER today! All interested members, visitors, diplomats and critics are encouraged to apply for masks!


Minister of Enlightenment

Protection Order of Warrior Elite Republics

Govt. to date:

High Council of POWER

Minster of Power-stonewall14

Minister of Military -Tumerz

Minister of Enlightenment-CapitalC

Minister of Internal Affairs-open

Minister of Foreign Affairs-open

Minister of Finance-open

Minister of Immigration-open

Minister of Power's Communique:

Shout out to Althues and Turetel who gave some good advice and/or encouragement to get us started...Epic DoW btw ...o/ To the nations I now battle who were my brothers in arms mere days before but now we face off in battle...for the Glory and Spoils of War!!!

I helped grow their alliances and motivate new members...recruited 12 to FEAR in 4 months and CapitalC and Tumerz were two of them and I mentored them the whole time so of course they would want to go where I go...We are brothers in arms and the founders of POWER...o/ POWER

If you are interested, I'm looking to fill slots C,D,E and F in the following donation deal:

11/7 A --> 3 million to C

11/7 A --> 3 million to D

11/10 C --> 50 tech at B’s direction and 1 mil to B

11/12 D --> 50 tech at B’s direction and 1 mil to B

11/17 A --> 3 million to C

11/17 A --> 3 million to B

11/20 C --> 50 tech to B

11/22 D --> 50 tech to Sexy Fuhrer

11/26 A --> 3 million to E

11/26 A --> 3 million to F

11/26 E --> 50 tech to B

11/26 F --> 50 tech to B

11/27 A -- 3 million to B (new Donation Deal)

11/30 C --> 50 tech to B

12/2 D --> 50 tech to B

12/6 E --> 50 tech to B

12/6 F --> 50 tech to B

12/7 A -- 3 million to B (new Donation Deal)

A-Rice Doc of UPN

B-Stonewall14, formerly of UPN, now with FEAR

C-HoeffelSpace of AynRandia of UPN

D-Tumerz (FEAR)

E-DonVox of UPN

F-Frederick the Great

Note that C and D are getting $5M for 150 tech in this deal, while E and F get $3M for 100 tech. Let me know what slot you want by signing in here! First come, first choice!

note: as details are finalized, I am modifying this post to reflect the changes. The first change is to add HoeffelSpace as participant C. Yellow are the needs! GREEN are completed steps.


This is a new thread to track the end of last deal (see prior thread) plus the new deal

I will modify this thread to change completed steps to GREEN.

12/6 E --> 50 tech to B (completing old deal)

12/6 F --> 50 tech to B (completing old deal)

12/8 A --> 3 million to B

12/8 A --> 3 million to C

12/8 C-> 50 Tech + $1M to B - rouge situation happening here!

12/14 A --> 3 million to D

12/14 D-> 50 Tech + $1M to B

12/14 A --> 3 million to G (completing old deal)

12/14 G-> 50 Tech to B (old deal)

12/18 A --> 3 million to E

12/18 E-> 50 Tech + $1M to B

12/18 A --> 3 million to F

12/18 F-> 50 Tech + $1M to B

12/24 G -> 50 Tech to B (old deal)



A-Rice Doc of UPN

B-Stonewall14 of UPN

C-HoeffelSpace of AynRandia of UPN (now committing suicide!)

D - dcukhunter of UPN

E-Tumerz, of UPN, replacing DonVox of UPN (who is nationbuilding)

F-Frederick the Great of UPN (last one before nationbuilding program)

G-Arbsthegreat of UPN

If anybody in this deal has a problem with slots, let me know and we'll revise to make it work! Thanks!


How do they thank me? They steal the tech back I paid above average prices to help new UPN active nations grow...I also spent day and night lining tech deals up for FEAR members to buy tech and no finacial gain to me and also refused any recruitement bonuses and gave 9 million of my bonus money to a new cash sign up bonus policy and when I resigned they attacked me for no reason,---->Lartize.

Strange 3 of my recruits for FEAR made it to govt. due to my mentoring and getting them exited about the game, which this is after all...how do alliances who agreed to protect a new starting alliance end up attacking when they were advising me and were told everything and allowed to see everything...oh well I guess that's what they mean by friendly and elite alliances... ;)

End of message:

Unity Is Strength.

stonewall14 of Dixie Cove

Minister of Power

Protection Order of Warrior Elite Republics

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And Concerning UPN

Altheus Re:POWER, Dec 14 2008, 07:54 PM

Advanced Member

Group: Founder of the UPN

Posts: 2,297

Joined: 23-January 07

We don't normally protect alliances that are in blocs due to conflict of interests issues.

However, if you don't join COMA I'm sure we can work something out


Protection Order of Warrior Elite Republcs...A couple of buddies of mine and myself are starting our own alliance and are joining Coalition of Micro Alliances...What are the requirements of being a Protectorate of our beloved UPN? I have tons of governemnt experience and one of the other members is a reigning Assistant Director in FEAR plus my little bro Tumerz who will be our MoW since I've been mentoring and training him for several months and he obeys advice and suggestions so my plan is to aid Tumerz and CapitalC with my donation deals with RiceDoc(3rd month) and Vessoasinus of FEAR agrees it's a good idea and I will be doing a donation deal with him also when I get time to figure our slots etc. So as you can see I'm investing cold hard cash on our dream and will no think our allow any embarrassments short of noobs being retarded which is just a headache we can expect. sorry for the rambling

In addition Psyopper, of UPN, was given full access to our forums to advise us. We only joined CoMA only after losing our protectorate from UPN.

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