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A Resignation of Sorts


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I'm resigning from my semi-government position of Director of Foreign Affairs of United White.

No drama, sorry guys. Just alot of things have come up that require my attention on other Planets, including Earth, Bob, and a few other assorted places as well, but primarily those two (the first in particular).

Now I'm not a drama queen or an attention whore. The main reason I made a topic about this is to apologize to all those alliances who I opened embassies/relations with but haven't followed through in the past few days. Again, this isn't random or to be rude, I just haven't been able to. I know it sucks to have someone make an embassy and then never come back, or come back only once, etc. And I didn't do this to only one alliance, or two, or three... I went to alot of forums! Half of them are bookmarked on my computer, and the other half on another computer that I can't get on for a while, so instead of trying to hunt all those forums down, I decided to post this. I fully intended to take on the position of diplomat full time, so to speak, and to remain in regular contact with all of you, but some dreams don't come true, to over-dramatize a bit. (Yes, this last phrase and the first one in this paragraph do kinda contradict. :P)

Good luck to our allies in Judgment. I will by all means stay in the game and will continue to fight teh oppressorz in MI. ;)

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