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Blue team trade circle


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Hi, I'm looking to set up a trade circle (with uranium!) with the following resources:

CATTLE - Blunique

GOLD - Blunique

LUMBER - Schroedl


MARBLE - Lennox


OIL - Schroedl

IRON - Mijaou

COAL - Lennox

URANIUM - Gambit

WATER - Gambit

SILVER - Mijaou


Construction, Automobiles, Asphalt, Steel

Team color is blue, but that can be changed if necessary.

:) Feel free to message me in game about this.

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I noticed that this trade circle has only 10 recources if you ever get a harbor can i join? i have uranium (which you will need one day and it also cheapens your infra) and water which is a fine recource.

Thankyou for you time, Gambit

Oh wow. Thats uh, a major mistake on my part. Thanks for pointing it out! :D *shame face*

Uranium and water? Sure thing.

Edited by Blunique
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