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Double annoucement


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Well it's that time of the round again and we just held our elections so here they are.

-Sloppoy Joe

-Minister of Interior Affairs

-Minister of Defense

-Ministry of Foreign Affairs

We have also writen our Charter


Article I. The Viridia is an alliance open to all nations of the Cyberverse. It is the goal of The Entente to provide for the prosperity and defense of its members and the Green Team with honor, honesty, initiative, and innovation.


Article I. Every nation within Viridia holds the right to free speech within the alliance. A forum of the people will be provided so that each nation may freely air its grievances, suggest improvements, propose legislation to be voted on by the Parliament, and generally speak its mind. However, the Triumvirate and Secretaries retain the right to edit any posts made by members for the sake of clarity and organization, not censorship (save in instances as required by greater law), as well as the right to restrict conversing publicly on specific sensitive issues and during crises in order to ensure a unified and clear message.

Article II. Any nation currently represented in Viridia has the right to secede at any time if it so wishes. However, it is required to submit a letter of resignation to the Secretary of the Interior. If a nation wishes to be readmitted into Viridia, it must follow the same admission guidelines as first-time applicants. However, the Triumvirate and Secretaries retain the right to restrict membership flow during times of war and mandate reprocussions for desertion.


Article I. The Executive Branch of the Viridia shall be comprised of and led by the Triumvirate of Viridia. There are to be involved in all aspects of the game and all aspects of Viridia, with powers only limited where explicitly stated within the charter. The position of Triumvirate is voted on by the Members of Virida every 3 months.

Article III. Any legislation passed by Parliament must first be approved and signed by the Triumvirate of Viridia before it can be executed. The Triumvirate reserves the right to veto any piece of legislation for any reason at any time. A Triumvirate’s veto can be overridden by the unanimous vote of Parliament and/or the other 2 Triumvirate.

Article IV. If a nation in any leadership position fails to fulfill expectations, abuses his or her powers, or does not have the confidence of Viridia for any reason, a vote of Impeachment may be initiated. For an Impeachment Vote to carry forth, at least five general members and one Secretary must put forth the leader to be voted upon and the reasons for impeachment. An Impeachment Vote will take place among the general membership for no less than 48 hours and no more than 72 hours. A super-majority of four-fifths is required to remove an official from office.


Article I. Parliament, comprised of three Secretaries, voted every 3 months by the Members, each representing a branch of Viridia will vote to ratify or reject amendments, to make laws and policies, and to decide other matters relating to the good of Viridia and its member nations. All members of Parliament may only vote once in any given matter, and no vote will wield more power over any other vote. All legislative votes need a simple majority to be passed.

Article II. The Departments of Parliament shall be designated and filled as such, with the Secretaries having total dominion over the affairs delegated to them, submitting only to the will of the Triumvirate:

Section 1. The Secretary of Defense is responsible for coordinating war efforts and educating Viridia's members on the practices of war. The Secretary of Defense acts as the Chair and Head of Viridia’s Army, and is responsible for gathering and organizing intelligence on the various alliances of the Cyberverse to ensure the security of the Viridia.

Section 2. The Secretary of State is responsible for seeking diplomatic relations with CyberNation’s wealth of alliances. The Secretary of State must keep track of all embassies both on Viridia’s forums as well as Viridia’s respective embassies on foreign alliance forums. The Secretary of State is also responsible for keeping track of and welcoming new Ambassadors and Diplomats to Viridia.

Section 3. The Secretary of the Interior is responsible for keeping Viridia members informed, investigating violations of the Charter, admitting and recruiting new members, and ensuring each nation is running at optimal efficiency. This includes helping to manage trades, suggesting improvements, as well as a host of other things. The Secretary of Internal Affairs may discipline any nations found to be releasing private information to outside parties.

Article III. In the event that a Secretary must abdicate or resign from his or her position, the Triumvirate shall appoint a replacement to serve the remainder of the term. If the replace turns down the position, Parliament shall vote in a replacement to serve the remainder of the term. The Triumvirate shall still retain his right to deny the office.


Article I. The Viridia is committed to avoiding war at all times. However, Viridia recognizes that sometimes war is necessary. The power to declare war on another organization for any reason other than mandatory treaty obligations lies solely with the Triumvirate of Viridia. All wars must be sanctioned by the Triumvirate of Viridia, the Secretary of Defense, or by an individual explicitly empowered by the Triumvirate or Secretary of Defense.

Article II. The Secretary of Defense requires that all nations be on standby at times of war. If a nation is specifically called upon by the Secretary of Defense to declare war that nation is required to do so. Failure to comply shall be considered desertion.


Article I. If a nation finds that the Charter of Viridia needs to be amended, it is to bring the correction to the attention of the Parliament. An amendment will then be written and presented to the Parliament to be voted on. The amendment must pass with a four-fifths majority in addition to a vote from the Triumvirate of Viridia to be ratified.

Signed By:
Sloppy Joe
Cody Haner

-Minister of Interior Affairs:

-Minister of Foreign Affairs:

-Minister of Defense:

Raydin had not been elected yet so he didn't sign it.

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