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Join Jericho Today. You wont be Dissappointed


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The Walls of Jericho Shall Rise Up In Defense and Protection


May God Let it Rain

Jericho is a small, relatively new alliance, but don't let this fool you, we have the power and potential to be great. Our main job is to keep our members happy, and safe. To protect our members we are protected by the Green Republic. We have a very experienced leadership. Now what does this mean for you if you join? Here are a few things that will help you make the right decision. We will give you 3mill in aid to better your nation. Also our Trade Staff will put you in a trade circle to boost your income. And the final reason: we have tons of government positions. The possibilities are endless because we have plenty of jobs for anyone who wants one, willing to learn, and willing to be active.

Now for you bigger nations that know 3mil wont work for you. we always have TONS of tech deals going around.

  • 3mil sign-up bonus
  • Tech deals
  • trade deals







Minister of Internal Affairs - Admiral Reiem

Minister of Defense - Jedi rojas

Minister of Foriegn Affairs - Joffrey17

Minister of Commerce - Salvi7neo

Minister of Recuitment - Tempus

So come sign up on our forums:



stop by our IRC channel #cnjericho on Coldfront


The alliance of Jericho ensures that all members be treated equal and have a voice in political matters. In return, Jericho expect honesty and integrity from its members. Jericho also want what is best for their members and want them to be happy and prosper in planet Bob. For that reason the alliance of Jericho will do everything in its power to help members in need. Jericho is a peaceful alliance and is always looking for new friends. However, Jericho will defend itself if diplomacy is to fail.




Section I: First Step

- All new recruits must properly fill out an application, if he/she want to be accepted into the alliance.

Section II: Acceptance

- Applicants must wait 1-2 business days for an admin to accept the application and give the proper mask. This shall be the standard waiting time, unless specified otherwise.

Section III: Academy

- Once the alliance membership reaches between 40-50 members, an academy will be created to provide proper education to the new recruits.

<This section is subject to change>

Section IV: Resignation

- All members (even those who hold an office) who wish to resign must come to the proper section of the forums (Ministry of Internal Affairs) to announce their leave or resignation, so we don’t accidentally send out stuff to someone we shouldn’t.



Section I: TRIUMVATES (3)

(Term: life until resignation)

- The Triumvirates are the leader of the alliance and oversee all activities of the alliance. The Triumvirates have the authority to propose laws, bills, and or projects for the better of the alliance. They can be vetoed with a 2/3 vote



(terms: 2 months)

Ministry of Commerce

- The Ministry of Commerce is in charge of regulating all money transactions and distributing aid to members of the alliance. This ministry also aids members in need of certain trade resources.

- The minister has the authority to impose economic sanctions and loan limits, but these actions must be justified and must be approved by one of the three triumvirates

Ministry of Recruitment

- This ministry is in charge of handling all new recruits; processing everything to help them get started and comfortable with the environment. This ministry is Jericho’s Customs Agency, checking backgrounds, previous aids, and previous wars. The head recruiter or the minister will be appointed or elected by the triumvirates with a 2/3 vote.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

- This ministry will be in change of all foreign affairs, whether it is to make new allies or solve situations diplomatically. (specifically bribing with pie or cake)

- The minister is in charge of assigning diplomats to certain alliances to represent Jericho. He/She can send convoys to foreign Relation missions. The minister must also write treaties, which are to be approved by the triumvirates with a 2/3 vote.

Ministry of Defence

- This ministry is in charge of assigning members to their appropriate rank. This ministry will also post rogue lists and other important and updated information.

- The MoD is the Supreme Commander of the Jericho war machine.

- Each Battalion will have a Capt. and Lt. The Capt is the Battalions leader and the Lt. is the assistant and in charge of their respected battalion section.

Ministry of Internal Affairs

- This ministry has the duty of improving this alliance domestically and make sure members are kept up to date on events taking place on planet BoB. This ministry also has to give members advice on their nations and also provide members with sigs, avatars, commodities, and cookies


Article IV: War/Foreign Policy

- Jericho will be a peaceful alliance and will solve issues diplomatically, but Jericho will go to war to protect an ally and fight the aggressor(s).

- A member is not allowed to attack another member of the same alliance. No Jericho member shall attack an aligned nation. A Jericho member can attack an unaligned nation (except red), but will no receive assistance from Jericho, unless that nation is a rogue. All battle reports are to be reported in the members respected battalion section.

- A nation may carry nukes, but for only for defensive purposes. If a Jericho member wishes to use a nuke, that member must receive a ‘green light’ from the triumvirates. Usually the triumvirates will make an alliance wide announcement regarding nukes.


Article V: Espionage

- NO SPYING! Here in Jericho no spying of any kind will be tolerated unless otherwise stated by the Triumvates.


Article VI: Amendments

- no part of the charter is subject to change unless labeled. To change a part of the charter there must be a majority vote a meeting between the ministers and a 2/3 vote between the triumvirates.

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