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Fark and Crimson Empire MDoAP


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Article I: Go Away!

Fark and Crimson Empire jointly send attackers packing by defending the other party against any attack by another alliance. Fark and Crimson Empire will not attack each other, cause that'd be kinda stupid with a treaty in place.

Article II: Hey! Whatcha Got Over There? Can We Have It?

If we see something that you have that we like, Fark and Crimson Empire have the option of coordinating offensive military action against a third party to make it ours.

Article III: I Think We Should See Other People

Should either alliance feel the need to withdraw from this agreement to date other alliances because they're way hotter, they will notify the other privately 48 hours in advance. This treaty will be in full force until the cancellation period passes.

/s/ for Fark,

Arcane, Triumvir

Docmeister, Triumvir

/s/ for Crimson Empire,

Chaotic Evil, Blood Emperor

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