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Infrastructure bug


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Ok well i think i found a bug, or a mistake, i did this, aluminum -7% on infra,coal -4% infra, lead -5% infra,lumber -6% infra, marble -10% infra, rubber -3% infra,

Bonus resources-steel -2% infra, construction -5% infra,

Government- Capitalist -5% infra

Improvements - 5 factories at 8% = 40% off of infra

wonders- Interstate -8% on infra, Scientific Development Center = factories now make 50% off infra

Well that math shows 105% off of infra which means you could buy unlimited amount of infra without losing any money but actually gaining money if anyone could tell me something is wrong pm me in game, Nation- Ragloq Ruler-xxRagloqxx

Thank you



XD i always wanted to do that ^

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