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Emperor Crushtor of the AAS addresses the OWF. An awed hush spreads over the hall


Aqua All Stars

That's right, Tournament Edition aficionados! AQUA ALL STARS are back...with a vengeance. We's got axes to grinds, and we're gonna GRINDS them good. To what that landofliberty bloke done to Jm0406 was UNFORGIVABLE! Nuking him off the top spot? What a !@#$%^&. So, we're gonna find him and get him back, twice.

Please admire our mint flag. We're also going to have a mint charter and a mint as government, but you'll have to wait a bit for those.

In the midst of Jm0406's BURNING HOT RAGE, he managed to whip up our official forums.

So ask yourself, do you want to be a chump...or an AQUA ALL STAR! This is a question I have posed to you. YOU MUST ANSWER IT QUICKLY LEST YOU BE DESTROYED IN THE AQUANNIHILATION!!!


Emperor Crushtor



Fred Derf


Founders of Aqua All Stars™

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