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Trading Question...


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Orite, Heres the Deal then.

Im new to the game and ive searched for an answer to this, But cant find anything.

Somebody has offered me a trade:


If I Accept, Will I get His Pigs and Marble? But Will i Lose my Aluminium & Silver?

Or will i get his Pigs & Marble but also keep my Aluminium & Silver?

Im Confused :wacko:

HELP! :)

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Thanks, I looked at New Player Threads but didnt find a solution :S

Now i understand 'Trading' More now.

Join an alliance,

You'll get help, advice, start up aid and protection + a more rewarding game experience.

Look around at a few on the forums, see how there members behave then approach them on there forums list & links found here



If your looking for a large alliance that can give you lost of help I'd recommend The Mostly Harmless Alliance


If you want a smaller alliance where you can be more involved from the start I'd recommend OTF


or if you don't want to be burdened with too many rules and to make your own way in the game I'd go for Citadel Trading Company



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