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United White Announcement

I just want to say, it's been a great round. I enjoyed being the subversive spymaster, even if we got peace before we could actually infiltrate anyone. I hope to rectify that next round. :ph34r: Murder, IDIOT, NAAC, TPA, MHA, everyone contributed. It got pretty one-sided at the end, but still, it was fun.

I regret not being here for UW when I should have. We could have had a lot of fun together. I'm sorry.

I will not be continuing with United White in future rounds. If someone else wants to, they can, but I want to make it clear that any future alliances carrying the name of United White are not connected to the alliance that held that name in the beta rounds and Round 2.

One last time, o/ UW!


First, Last, and Only Emperor of UW

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