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Join Ragnarok!

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On our way to SANCTION!!

That's right, Ragnarok is one of the strongest and most influential alliances!

Want to hang out and have fun with an awesome bunch of friends online? We're that group!

We're always on IRC chatting and our public channel is #RoK at frozen.coldfront.net.

Everyone is really friendly! Just stop by and say hi, we love to talk.

Our primary goal as an alliance is help our members grow, and of course, have fun (sometimes this includes lulz - but not always). In addition, we believe that the success of Ragnarok depends on the success of each individual nation, and therefore look at each nation as an equal regardless of nation strength.

Ragnarok is a warrior alliance and we take pride in our ability and tenacity in the martial traits.

We put large emphasis on the freedom of our members, but when sacrifice is necessary, we put Ragnarok and our fellow members ahead of ourselves. Our credo of RoK>Rokkers>self, is a standard by which are guided in all we do. Loyalty and honor are paramount. Members are also expected to be as active as RL allows them to be, but we are understanding that things can get hectic sometimes.

Other info about Ragnarok:

-Ragnarok has grown from humble beginnings with just 14 founding members to hundreds of members and millions in terms of NS.

-We have numerous treaties, including the mighty Superfriends and Bastion blocs of alliances, ensuring that we won't be wiped out by a rouge alliance.

-For all nations who join the 'Rok, don't break the charter, and are at least moderately active on our forums/IRC, we are offering aid in the form of our regularly scheduled Xeny Train. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been sent out so far!

-Our color is Aqua, and all nations under 20k nation strength are required to change. All over 20k are strongly encouraged to change.

-We do allow tech raiding actives, but we do not endorse it and our rules are very strict in order to prevent conflict escalation.

-Our government consists of an Emperor (Hail the great Van Hoo III !!) and a slurry of elected and appointed officials. Don't worry, our rulers are benevolent.

Our forums are located at


Go to the "Entrance Hall" section to apply, and be sure to read our charter!

Check out our Wiki for a more detailed description.

Also, we're real chill, so don't be afraid to stop by and just chat!


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