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The Little Black Trade Round Thing Ho-Down (LBTRTHD)


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Ok, u Ho’s!

Here’s da blitz. U want nukes. No. U want powaplants? We also want cheap streets und structures (in-fra-struc-ture). We wanna be all powerful!! Trains, planes, automobiles, tanks and guns?! Yes! No bling here though! Sevannn (7 for da litarite) trade extras, mon!! U get it all here at the Little Black (not that black u stupid racist, the Team, homey!) Trade Round Thing Ho-Down (LBTRTHD)!! Join now and stand tall!

But wait! There be more!! See below what u will be sellan ur soul for!!!

Steel: Infrastructure cost -2%. Lowers all navy vessel purchase cost -15%.

Iron -

Coal -

Construction: Infrastructure cost -5% and raises the aircraft limit +10. (Tech level 5+ needed.)

Lumber –

Marble -

Aluminum –

Asphalt: Infrastructure upkeep cost -5%.

Oil –

Rubber –

Above gives:

Automobiles - Increases population happiness +3. Requires Asphalt and Steel.

Microchips - Reduces technology cost -8%, increases population happiness +2. Lowers Frigate, Destroyer, Submarine and Aircraft Carrier navy vessel purchase and upkeep cost -10%. (Tech 10+ needed.)

Gold –

Lead - Proto

Oil –

Gives u :

Radiation Cleanup - Reduces nuclear anarchy effects by 1 day. Improves a nations environment by 1. Reduces global radiation for your nation by 50%. Requires Construction, Microchips, Steel, and a technology level greater than 15.

Scholars - Increases population income +$3.00. Requires a literacy rate greater than 90%.

Lumber -

Lead - Proto


Sugar – Proto

Uranium –

Water -

Bonuses from Resources and Trade Bonuses:


lowers infrastructure purchase costs -42%

lowers infrastructure upkeep costs -26%


lowers technology cost by 13%


Lowers soldier purchase cost -$6.00

lowers soldier upkeep cost -$0.50

increases soldier efficiency +38%


lowers tank purchase cost -8%

lowers tank upkeep costs -18%.


lowers aircraft purchase costs -16%

lowers aircraft upkeep cost -25%

raises the aircraft limit +10


Lowers all navy vessel purchase cost -15%

lowers all navy vessel upkeep cost -30%

Lowers Frigate and Destroyer navy vessel purchase and upkeep cost -10%.

Lowers Submarine and Aircraft Carrier navy vessel purchase and upkeep cost -15%.

Cruise and Nuclear Missiles:

Lowers cruise missile and nuclear weapon purchase cost and upkeep cost -20%

If a nation owns nuclear weapons but does not have uranium the cost to maintain nukes is doubled.


Increases the purchased land area of a nation by 35%

lowers land purchase cost -10%

triples the value of land when selling (from $100 to $300)

Increases number of citizens per mile before population unhappiness by 50


Increases number of citizens +3%.

Increases population happiness +10 (+9 if choice is nuclear power plants; +15/14 for all trade partners being on Black)

Increases citizen’s daily income +$3.00 (+10.50 at tech 30 with power plant option; +13.50 once literacy reaches 90%)


Improves a nation’s environment by 2

Reduces nuclear anarchy effects by 1 day.

Reduces global radiation for your nation by 50%.

Reduces environmental penalties for owning nuclear weapons by 50%.

Get yo asses in here!!


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So which one of you !@#$* also want to be bribed to join a trade circle with maximum infrastructure build advantage, nuclear options, and damage reduction to the environment? U !@#$@#$ retards want a 6 million retainer each? The moral turpitude called greed is just extraordinary in this game. :popcorn:

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