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Aqua Trade Circle

Texas Longhorn

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Looking to join a trade circle with Fast Food, Beer and Construction + Uranium?

Aqua Trade Circle

Aluminum, Cattle, Fish, Iron, Lumber, Marble, Pigs, Spices, Sugar, Uranium, Water, and Wheat

Resources in RED are no longer needed.

Bonus Resources: Beer, Construction, Fast Food + Uranium

Current Members:

Alfie Riddle - Cattle, Spices

Cartopia - Marble, Sugar.

Holy Empire of Rekh - Uranium, Pigs

Arcturus Jefferson - Fish, Water

Fahlenfor - Aluminum, Wheat

Statistics of this Trade Circle:

Citizens: +30.56%

Happiness: +9.5 (Estimated effect on income: +$19)

Density before population unhappiness: +50

Infra Cost/Upkeep: -28.99% / -19.68%

Land (Purchased): +8%

Land Cost: -14.5%

Environment: +10%

Soldier Efficiency: +38%

Soldier Cost/Upkeep: -$3 / -$0.5

Tank Upkeep: -5% / -5%

Aircraft Cost: -8%

Aircraft Limit: +10

Stats mentioned below are not factored in the list above.

Uranium causes a -1 environment penalty if your nation isn't naturally producing the resource(s).

Stats of Uranium Dependent on Government Preference

Allow Nuclear Power, Do Not Allow Nuclear Weapons

Income: +$3 - +$7.5 ($3 + $0.15 per tech level up to level 30)

Happiness: -1 (Estimated effect on income: -$2)

Allow Nukes

May purchase nuclear weapons.

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Uranium is the kicker. It's 'not recommended' for new nations (which is me). I'll join, though, Cartopia has Marble and Sugar.

Welcome, added.

EDIT: Maybe not yet it wont have a benefit for you but at some point it will offer +3 to your economy or help you attain Nukes.

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Would you be willing to trade the wheat out for a Furs?
aluminum and coal here if it can work, will change color


Sorry guys neither of your resource sets will work with this setup, i wish you luck in finding other trades however.

Aluminum and Wheat is all that remains needed.

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