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New Nation, looking for an alliance

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Hi my friend turned me on to this game and he explained it pretty well....so i came up with some requirements for an alliance i should join....

A. Orange team

B. Open War/Approved War

C. 3,000,000+ starting aid

D. No "class/learning/test" requirements

E. 100+ members

F. Limited Tech Raiding (whatever that is)

anybody got what i want?

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Alright then. A list of the Orange Team Alliances

Independent Republic of Orange Nations (IRON) - #iron

Orange Defense Network (ODN) - #odn

Alliance of International Defence (-AiD-) - #aid

Beer and Guns (B&G) - #birra

Communist Party of Cybernations (CPCN) - #cpcn

Confederation of Organized Nations (CON) - #con

Council of Militaristic and Economic Assistance (CMEA) - #cmea

FOK (FOK) - #fok

International States of Solidarity and Freedom (ISSF) - #issf

International Orange Union (I.O.U) - #iou

The Grand Lodge of Freemasons (GLOF) - #glof

Knights of Cydonia - #koc

M. Carter Brown (MCB) - #mcb

Majestic Order of Orange Nations (MOON) - #CNMOON

Orange Protection Alliance (OPA)

Organization of Confederated States (OCS) - #ocs

Ordo Recolitus - #ORDO

Protection Agency of Independent Nations (PAIN) - #PAIN

The Order of Righteous Nations (TORN) - #torn

The Order of the Paradox (TOP) - #paradox

The RnR Alliance (R&R) - #RnR

Vanguard - #vanguard

I can't speak for any of them, however.

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While Crossfire does not have over 100+ people, it is a great alliance for a new nation.

In just 80 days, I increased my nation strength over 10,000 and have almost 3,000 infrastructure. The alliance is good with aid and setting up tech deals. If you are interested, please go to the forums:


And message (In-Game):


It's a great alliance and you will improve quickly.

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