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Royal Teutonic Order


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We are the Royal Teutonic Order,which is a newly formed alliance and we are searching for new members.We offer:

1)Aid in money,soldiers or tech

2)Boost programs for active members where you may receive up to 500,000$ or more up to 3 times a month

3)75,000$ as 100 post bonus and another 100,000 for 500 posts

4)You can run for a position in the elections that occur on 1st and 2nd of each month

5)You get 500,000$ for every five recruits you get to join

6)You can work as a military leader

7)250,000$ as a signing bonus

8)We have many pacts and friends to ensure our defense

9)The first members can get what position they want.

10)Many grants such as 200,000 for building a harbor and other smaller equivalent to the time you stay

All you have to do is to register and then create a new topic completing the follow details:

* Nation:_______________

* Nation ruler:______________

* Nation Strength: _______________

* Infrastructure Level: ___________

* Link to Nation: _________________

* Who Recruited You: ____________

* Old Alliance: __________________

Also paste the following oath: I, (Your Ruler Name) of (Your Nation) hereby pledge myself to The Royal Teutonic Order and its Leaders and Noble Court. Here do I swear my full service and loyalty to the The Royal Teutonic Order, and I shall not in any way release any of its secrets to other alliances nor shame it in anyway. I will do all that I can to help the The Royal Teutonic Order and its members grow. From now and forever until I am kicked out or I resign from the The Royal Teutonic Order.

Once you have received your mask, add "Royal Teutonic Order" to your Alliance Affiliation, which is found in "Edit My Nation".

Our forums are located here.

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