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Pandemic moves to new forums

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The Pandemic Alliance has moved to new forums. They are new, they are hot, and waiting for you to be vistited.

So don't hesitate, and visit us here. (http://pandemic.forumotion.net/)

Pandemic is a democratic, peaceful, tech dealing alliance. We have good relationships with several large alliances. Pandemic can offer new members a lot of tech dealing knowledge and experience, as well as guidance through the first growing steps of your nation.

And one of the best things of Pandemic is that you have a say in everything, even if you are a small nation. that's what democracy means. So we are not like these other alliances with leaders, kings, emperors, big humpa's or whatever they have. nstead: YOU decide what we will do with the alliance.

Check out our forums or PM me if you are interested.

Thank you for your attention.

Magnificus Focus

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What forum provider did you used to use?

I had a forumotion at first, but there are some flaws mate.

a} Can't password protect anything

b} Masking people doesn't work well

c} Can't make forums a folder for other forums

Although, I loved the looks of forumotion. It was very easy to use and had a lot of cool features, but it wasn't very functional. Just some things for you to consider before getting too comfortable

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So far so good. Masking is a bit difficult, I admit, but I manage to do that by creating specific user groups. I can give access to specific forums per group.

And because we are still rather small, it is OK to do. Perhaps if we get bigger, we have to think of something else again. We also use it as an open forum, accessible for everyone (that's where the cake is hidden...)

Feel free to step by and share your experience. Or even better: join Pandemic and you can help me modding the forum.

Thanks for the reply BTW.

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